Would you shag it?

Would you shag it?

  • Yes, until the neighbours complained about the smell

    Votes: 4 44.4%
  • No

    Votes: 5 55.6%

  • Total voters
Whose mail order bride is this?
Yes. And I'd swallow the cock I assume 'she' has too

How can you tell?

To be honest it's a bit embarrassing when they look better than some of the things I've done... I spose that's why I posted it. Guaranteed anal with a pretty looking girl but then there's the horrid image of meat and two veg hanging about.

We should bring back Eunuchs.

Yup... definately a Lady boy from Bangcock...
And yet it's still fitter than most forces birds! What's a man to do? It would play havoc with your mental stability, next thing you know you'll be cracking one off whilst thinking what your mates look like with long hair and French knickers.

Probably have a go if pissed up. That said, if I felt a pair of bollocks after bending it over, I would find it shocking and have to withdraw.
Nah. I don't do blokes no matter how feminine they look. Maybe after I have shagged all the females in Asia. But I still have a long way to go.

Anybody here based at Chilwell? If so, pop along to Sainsbury's in Beeston and have a look at the 'lady' who normally serves at the tobacco counter. Tell me if you'd do 'her'. Hands the size of baseball gloves and an Adam's apple the size of a cricket ball.


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That's not even a very good example of the dreaded Thai LB - when I was in Phuket the missus was amazed that our receptionist at the little hotel we stayed in on the was one of "them" no I couldn't tell and better looking than about 99% of females I've met in r/l.


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Pretty poor version of a LB actually. If you've been around a lot of them it becomes apparent - as a few have posted above - that quite a number of them are better looking than real women.

DC's cunt face is the only one being displayed in this thread.
Good Lord, have you chaps forgotten, the basic ARRSE tenet of faith, to wit..."Any Hole's a Goal!", now what was the question again?.
Good Lord, have you chaps forgotten, the basic ARRSE tenet of faith, to wit..."Any Hole's a Goal!", now what was the question again?.
Would you shag a ladyboy I think.

I might be tempted, at least he/she/it would know the right technique for giving you a hand job under the table when you're out.


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The question of to shag or not to shag whilst sitting on Arrse behind a computer is pretty easy - having the missus point out an absolutely stunning Thai LB down Bangla road in Phuket and asking if you thought "she" was attractive made me break into a cold sweat that a Catholic priest at a boy scout jamboree would have had trouble beating.

Did have a bit of a giggle over hearing a couple of 20 something Brit female back packers having a bitch at how all the boys were ignoring them and going local though.
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