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Would you shag Heather Mills?

Would you shag her?

  • Yes, no doubt about it. She'd get it.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I'd rather pump the sheep

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  • Total voters
Only if the cameras were rolling, so that I could prove what a fantastic time she had, and claim as least as much off her as she did for shagging Macca.
salforddude said:
Of course I would. After all,any holes a goal!
Course she`d have to pay me for the privilege

In fact for half of £24million Id shag the top one
Thought I saw you when I left her flat.

What a whiny little bitch she is.

Let this be a lesson to all redblooded males evrywhere.

Protect yourself.

If you are like me (worth an easy $10 million) don't put yourself in a position where the lady of the house can clean you out!

Sir Paul will be fine. My hope is that he will not make the same stupid mistake again.


For the 20k a day (pro rata) she got id use her s**t for toothpaste AND stick her stub up my Arrse!!

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