Would you shag Heather Mills?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Chibber, Mar 22, 2008.

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  1. Yes, no doubt about it. She'd get it.

  2. I'd rather pump the sheep

  1. She is fucking sexy, who wouldn't? :D

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  2. PS- The top photo isn't Heather Mills, the rest are.

    Felt the need to clarify that.
  3. Only if she paid me.
  4. I would , but I'd also give her a good hiding at the same time with her false leg!
  5. Shove it down her throat so deep she would feel an itch in her arrsehole?
  6. Only if the cameras were rolling, so that I could prove what a fantastic time she had, and claim as least as much off her as she did for shagging Macca.
  7. stumpy pumpy
  8. Oh yes

    did you see her nipples

    wow for a gold digger she would defitnely get it big time
  9. Of course I would, but she ain't getting 24 million of me for shite.
  10. most definetly infact i have.
  11. more than Macca can say
  12. Never shagged her. But she sure can suck a mean dick!
  13. As long as I got to leave a turd in her handbag... and got away with her purse.
  14. The second photo isn't Heather Mills its Paris Hilton you tw@!!
  15. of course. grudge fuck all the way.

    with her own wooden leg.