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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RJ8's, Dec 14, 2010.

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  1. Hi chaps.
    Query has to be anonymous, because im too embarrassed.
    I want to serve, but recently picked up what could be called mental fucked-up-shit.

    Morning and night I ‘hear’ my own thoughts. Literally hear them, but only morning and night. Almost like a long waking dream; technically it could be viewed as hypnogogic and hypnopompic’s issues.
    For 2-3 minutes after waking up and for a short period before sleep I hear what Im thinking. Talking to doctors it seems to be my own subconscious. Thankfully its not 'voices in my head' telling me to top dale winton (someone has to mind) or go and buy real estate in Flint or Hollyhead.

    Would you serve alongside a guy who thinks he might be a nutter? CAN I serve?

    I can tab like a demon (CFT in 1 hour 17 mins), have hawk eye vision (literally - 6 – 4 vision), red-hot reaction speeds, an IQ of 180+ , the only problem is, as I say, that I seem to have become a nutter.
    As far as i know it could be linked to caffeine allergy at this stage.

    I had hoped with stats like that to be a credit to whichever unit I joined, and had aspired to one of the ‘meaty’ units. but CAN i serve, on account of being barmy and all?
    Should I?
    And would a ‘meaty’ unit (only reserves mind) like the RMC or 23 touch someone that his GP has signed off as fit but who admits to having this problem?
  2. I used to hear 'Voices'...... but it was usually the Badge shouting and screaming waving a long pointy stick at me..... Shouty Men were the bane of my life.... I sued to medicate it with a trip down the NAAFI Bar for some jars of Heineken......!!

    But on a serious note.... I would advise any Medical officer about your 'voices' when going through a medical....... It's a problem hat many folks have... so you are not unique... an over active mind like a washing machine..... I still have this and I've been out of the Army for over 30 years....
  3. I wouldn't have a problem with you hearing what you are thinking. Provided that you're thinking good sense and you're paying attention.

    I would have a problem if I could hear what you're thinking, especially if you were thinking about me. In fact, you'd have a problem with that, too.

    But a question... When you hear yourself thinking, are you thinking in English or do you just sense what you're thinking about? It's a serious question, even though I'm not a medical professional. If you're thinking in English, could it just be that you're just doing a final check that everything's organised before going to sleep or preparing to get organised when you wake up? If you're sensing, rather than actually hearing, maybe it's just your brain doing the equivalent of defragmenting. As I say, I'm not a medical professional, but I'm aware that I have what I would term formal and informal thought processes and I've never considered them unusual.

    Not until now, that is...
  4. ... rather than edit my post...

    Do you think through a problem before going to sleep, splitting the problem into stages (and silently talking them through to yourself - i.e. hearing your thinking)? Then, when you wake up, do you find that you've solved the problem but need to silently repeat what you've learned in your sleep so that you don't forget?

    Just wondering if you've got it ingrained in yourself that talking to yourself is a sign of madness, when you're actually just running it through as you would if you were preparing for a presentation. (Hence the "thinking in English" bit).
  5. Fretting about what to put on my RJ8's!
    Spoke to a proper noggin-doctor yesterday. Seems to think its not -that- big a deal considering what I hear appears to be my own subconsious. Pretty much exactly like what Yung and Freud themselves experienced - hearing your own subconcious mind. Just good job for me it seems to be friendly, ordered, logical and pro forces!

    Do a fair few people in the service have something like that? Its would be a great relief to hear that its not a deal breaker for serving. What I do hear morning and nights is like the faintest whisper of a whisper - like its outside the window or conversation in the garden almost. It could be an advantage I dont know? - at least in that I dont have to rely in gut instinct, i can actually ask my subconcious it things and get replies.

    - puttee - yes it is all logical and I do think and hear it in both very quiet spoken english, and also the impression of something being conveyed. I do tend to think through things before sleep although I dont tend to get solutions stage by stage, the entire answer just tends to jump into my head, and then i have to almost 'work backwards'.

    Uncle Yanya... - I also have a severe alergy to shouty men... (hence a desire to serve in the RMC or 23, where one hopes shouting takes second place to being professional)
    Do you think a meaty unit like the RMR (only reserves mind ) or 23 would touch somone who admits to this? Should I keep quiet ?? (although my RJ8 will almost certainly show it)
  6. It's only a problem if your thoughts are suddenly interrupted by the great Emperor Mong.

    If it's not causing you any problems don't worry about it - just try and keep the fecker quiet during your interview and medicals.

    Good luck to you both! :)
  7. if 23 anything like 21 your fit right in they are all a bit odd
  8. erm...if your IQ is over 180...that makes you the smartest person in the world...ever....

    due to this....I call troll....
  9. Just so long as I couldn't hear your thoughts,I'd happy to leave you with them.
  10. I usually hear irritable voices in the background though it's just the missus.
  11. I agree, and call wind up.

    I am in the top 2%, and qualify for Mensa with an IQ of 136.

    But the score produced is dependent on the IQ test taken. Won't bore you with it. Use Google
  12. British Mensa uses two main tests to identify people's IQ scores, the Cattell III B and the Cattell Culture Fair III A.

    A score which puts you in the top two per cent of the population on either of these papers would qualify you for membership of Mensa.

    An adult can only get a maximum IQ of 161 on the Cattell III B test.
  13. F-Med 8, pal.
  14. Buy property in Flint or Holyhead you say?..............you're fucked son.