Would you serve again ?

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by dunstaggin, Dec 22, 2007.

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  1. Knowing what you now know, would you serve again ?

    In my experience, not only would I not, but I urge all my family to not serve either.

    My late brother had his head 'shagged up' by serving in Ulster in the 1970's. He was posthumously awarded a War pension.
  2. I'd give it a go,

    If I went in as a Brigadier or higher :wink:
  3. If I had my time over again, I would. Would I join today if I was 17? Hell yes, but thats at 0440 and slightly pi$$ed, cold light of day would probably be a 'no', and that's down to Blair and Brown, pair of mincing sh!teaters.
  4. Without hessitation, there is absolutely no shadow of a doubt in my mind that I would do again what I have done. I only wish that I could have savoured my time in the lower ranks for longer and made even more of it at the time.
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  5. I can see the connection but I fail to see why anyone would regret serving in the Army because of any politician. What motivates me has little to do with UK domestic politics.
  6. But the point is, there would be no 'regret' as I would not be joining in the first place because as a 17 year old today I feel you honestly need your head testing to want to join up to be the nice cop to the USAs bad cop in policing the world. But again, thats with a 40 year olds perfect 20/20 hindsight sans the pi$$ and fire I had inside me to join up way back when.

    I'll debate this point further when I'm not as pi$$ed, but that won't change one thing, Blair and Brown are a pair mincing sh!teaters!
  7. yep, i'd sign up again tommorow,
  8. No regrets at all concerning my 36 years which luckily ended 30 days before the grinning spiv became prime minister.

    If I was eligible to join to day it would be 'no-way Jose', and I would do all in my power to persuade others NOT to join until this disgraceful government is consigned to history.

    PS (In the ten and half years since leaving I have been directly involved in encouraging twelve young people to join - all still in but all really fed up with the conditions and equipment and with involvement in an 'illegal' war. If Bliar and Brown knew what these 12 really thought of them, then the sad pair would hang their heads in shame).
  9. I'd serve again, but would make sure i'd gotten into the RAF like i'd originally wanted to. Better pay, better Food and better postings
  10. Yes. (give training a miss though)!

    Great time, great mates and places to go. Some shitty stuff now and again, sadly more bad than good just now.
  11. Yes no doubt about it, it be would a privilage to serve with the soldiers of today. Like to go back as a helicopter handler best job I was involved in.
  12. My bold.
    Not a f**king chance - ever.

    Right off Xmas shopping now, too da loo
  13. Torn in two. On the one hand I would love to do it all again as I had some great laughs and a fair few very satisfying jobs. OTOH, it changed so much (and the vast majority for the worse) between the late seventies and the early noughts that it puts me off.
  14. Yes I would, and I'd go into the Engineers again. Just this time round I'd make a couple of different decisions concerning my career.
  15. Thoroughly enjoyed my 25 years and would join again. If the question was if you could go back and what would you do differently, well, I would still have joined the RE and still done BD. The only thing I'd change would be to join when I was older and not at 16!

    If the question is would we re-join now ... yes but they wouldn't have me! Fast approaching 49 and a limb missing might not make me the best candidate for deployment to Helmand (and I don't want my pension f*cked up)!