Would you serve again if asked?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheBigUn, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. No, I've done my bit and I'm too old.

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  2. No, I would want to but the other half wouldn't let me.

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  3. Yes, I would serve anywhere the forces sent me.

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  4. Yes, but only if it was in the defence of the UK.

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  1. Obviously this is aimed at the older and (hopefully) bolder members of Arrse.

    If it came to it and you were asked, would you join up/serve again?
  2. No, too bold now. I like working flexi time...................but I was doing that when I was in anyway.
  3. Nah.

    a. They don't make combats this wide :)
    b. I run my own business and getting quite wealthy from it
    c. Since I left I've got a wife and 2 kids nice house etc

    As the saying goes 'You're in your own time now...and loving it'. The army had it's 12 years. It's my turn now.
  4. Definetely, 47 now kids all growd up.No K.O.S.B now though and no way would you get me in the new lot .....aye nice to dream.
  5. Not under New Liarbour thats for sure
  6. Gentlemen "For the Queen" I say aye!!
  7. My mind says YES YES YES.

    My body says NO NO NO.
  8. This has been done before but:

    Yes out of patriotism but no for the following reasons:

    1. Too fat.
    2. Too old.
    3. Too old, fat and comfortable doing what I do now.
    4. Not enough legs left.
    5. They don't pay enough.
    6. It would fcuk up my army and war pension.
    7. The MoD had close to 25 years of my life and ample opportunity to kill me ... I am not giving them a second chance.

    If I choose option 4 in your poll can I be an Air Raid Warden?
  9. What with the way THIS lot screw up records, then loose them, who would know if you had a pension?
  10. If I could be certain it was in the best interests of the nation (the UK, that is) and not just some piece of political vanity, I'd go. There has to be a job in an FSG, FP duties - something - that doesn't require a long-gone burst of speed or agility. Preferably guarding the Swedish Army ladies beach-volleyball court.

    We also serve who only stand and letch.
  11. Absolutely. Just can't for the life of me imagine why the MOD hasn't sent me begging letters already. If I understand the manning crisis correctly, the Army must be crying out for 54 year olds who did "their" time nearly 30 years ago.

    "Dash, down, crawl, observe, sights, fire!"
    "Cock, hook and look!"

    They'd better send that letter before I reach retirement age !

    Yeah, right.
  12. No.

    Now earning more than 5 times what I was on as a Captain. I get to travel loads but with the difference being that I go where I want and that I stay in 5* hotels and resorts and no-one tries or wants to kill me or beat me up.

    I live in a fantastic house (or will be when I complete the renovation this year) in a fantastic city and a little weekend cottage out in the countryside. I own some nice cars and can go skiing, hill walking, diving, rally driving pretty much when I want.

    If a job involves too much búllshit I simply walk away or increase my daily rate until it is bearable. I don't have to put up with tóssers promoted above their ability. I don't have to accept having my entire career ruined because I am not a 'bezzer' with a cúnt in Glasgow. I get paid correctly and on time (every time) (ok, maybe because I am my own boss). I never have to cancel a holiday at a moment's notice without being fully compensated. While I do have file correct expenses to keep my accountant and the tax man happy, no-one questions me when I spend 200quid a head for a meal. When I need some equipment I go out and get it; I don't have to justify it to some front bottom who's job is to say "no" (and even if it is approved then wait until the next budget year).

    While I loved my time when I served, I don't believe in sentimentality and hankering for something that has passed. Move onwards and (hopefully) upwards. From friends still serving I get the impression that the tempo is now so high that the 'fun' element that was dissapearing fast when I resigned has now completely gone. I have 5 gongs and that is enough for me, and even though I know a lot of 'sprogs' have the same and 8 or 9 or more is common amongst the 'old and bold', I have no desire to return.
  13. In the event of national crisis,yes,but they would have to be scraping bottom of barrel if they needed 65yr old,arthritic, has been.
  14. Like Carrots said if it was really in the National Interest and not for bank accounts then For Queen and Country yes.
    But getting a bit knackered now, not so much as and and bold, more like rugged and buggered.
    Still be able to do a job to release some young eager, keen, thruster for his spell as a fig. 11. But this time I get to use a mini-mini.

    Carrots can you send me the rules for volleyball?
  15. My gut feeling says yes, but the head says no. I´ve been out so long that I´d have to go through Phase 1 & 2 again and somehow I don´t think I´ve got the attitude to put up with the mindless büllshit, let alone the cräp wages :D

    Bullnight Blockjob Inspection:
    Training Corporal walks in and deliberately wrecks block job for the sake of the resulting "Team building"

    Trg Cpl: Sig C_C, this block is a mess, get it sorted ! NOW !!

    Sig C_C: Cpl, would you like to see some excellent teamwork ?

    Trg Cpl: WTF are you on about ?

    Sig C_C: Section ! On me ! Double in !

    Sig C_C: Right you jumped up little twät, you deliberately messed up our block job, so I suggest you get it fücking sorted, before the Section sorts you out ! Questions ? No ! In your own time, go on !! :twisted:

    I know the "mindless büllshit" serves it´s purpose in a training regime and is there for a perfectly good reason, but how many of you guys and girls that have been out for donkeys would need, or even want to go through it again ? :D