Would you rather.........

As an ex military man I tend to forget that my civilian colleagues are more easily offended and 'sensitive' than your ex squaddie types.
This became a bit of an issue at work recently when during a bit of 'down time' a mixed group of us started playing the old 'Would you rather' game. You know the sort of thing 'Would you rather be blind or deaf ? etc. Everything was going swimmingly until my turn came around and I asked what I though was a reasonably near the knuckle but not to shocking question ie 'Would you rather lick out your Mum or go down on your Dad ?
Now they all think I'm a deviant....
Just wondering which one you would rather do ?
jarrod248 said:
The_Snail said:
I'd turn Jarrod straight for 20 shiny pee.
I think you'd need a lobotomy for that or at least you could have some antipsychotics to reduce the delusions.
For a million quid, we could pretend though and check out some blokes in Tenerife.

You're a fucking shite mate you are.