Would you rather?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by joey_deacons_lad, May 13, 2011.

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  1. Last week in work i put to my erstwhile colleagues the question that has puzzled philosiphers for millienia. How much would someone have to pay you to suck off a tramp? This has been debated on here before so im not getting into that but it did start a new round of questions beggining strangely enough "Would you rather" The way it works you are given two choices none of them nice and you have to choose one but not just say A or B you have to give your reasoning why.
    For example
    Would you rather
    A. Drink a shot glass of mong semen and gargle the match of the day theme with it?

    B. Dink a half pint of the drool of several mongs with the consistency of wallpaper paste down in one?

    Me I would have the jizz because even though its on your taste buds for longer it's only one swallow and gone whereas a half pint is two or more gulps and you could feel the whole slimy texture of it each time.
    I'll leave that one for discussion and add more dilemmas if there is any interest. Over to you Arrsers
  2. C'mon, no contest really.

    gargle semen or down spit...???

    Here is one for you.

    Would you rather

    A. Suck your own cock, in public, ie centre circle of the FA cup at half time
    B. Have your mum suck your cock, in private and no one else would know
  3. oh that's B, any day of the week. My mum's a right MILF. Besides, I couldn't reach my own cock if I tried.
  4. You didnt give your reason why you chose spit thats part of the fun. And in answer to your question it would be my mother because 1. It would hurt like fuck sucking my opwn cock fat cunt i am 2.) A Blowie is a Blowie and getting one of Mater would be more fun due to the naughtyness. Incest is for winners.

    Ok another one to ponder
    Would you rather have a very public rape trial and conviction where the victim is
    A. A Twelve year old girl

    B. A Jack Russell?
  5. Can I have my mum suck me off in the center circle instead?
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  6. AAGF


    So you've tried - and failed, hmm? Me too ... :razz: :biggrin:
  7. smudge, you dirty fucker
  8. Trying to suck your own cock is the grown up version of trying to lick your elbow.
  9. I actually can lick my elbow, no luck on the cock front though
  10. Yore sick.... Ye heathen... ye want to get down to the Med Centre with Small Pack and report to the Unit Psychiatrist for examinations.....
  11. tried to suck myself off to no avail.
    doesn't help that i'm hung like a light
  12. why can't it be both?
  13. Any chance of the MODS starting a poll on the suck your own cock front? As in tried?
    I had this out with 3 mates watching the UFC, I have never tried, they have and think I'm strange for not trying. My excuse was I ain't having no cock in my mouth. But me mate asked if I'd wank him off, I said fuck off, he said OK, but you wank yourself off? so at the end of the day it's your own cock, so it's fine.
    I can see his point, but I still don't want a cock in my mouth!
  14. A little bit of sick came into my mouth after reading this thread.
  15. thats better.:)