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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Chuzu, Aug 24, 2010.

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  1. Would you rather have susan boyle pi55 on your foot or kylie shit on your chest (both are naked)
  2. I would rather have Five Alpha rupture your colon.
  3. Well that is hardly a fair comparison is it? In what context? In a bath tub or on a bed? I suspect SuBo probably pishes like a race horse but Kylie might manage to evacuate a mignon morceau once every six weeks.

    And without wishing to burst your bubble - I suspect neither will be as much fun as you seem to expect.
  4. Is it a life or death alternative or can we just refuse both and go down to the pub to console ourselves for having missed the chance to see Kylie naked?
  5. If Kylie did a shit on your chest, how long would you wait until you had a shower?
  6. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    What a shite question. Most people would pay good money for Kylie to curl down a Cleveland steamer on their chest.

    Try harder next time. For real shock and awe I suggest questions like: ''a man is holding a gun to your head and will kill you if you don't follow his instructions exactly, would you rather suck off your dad, lick out your mum or get a 9mm lodged in your skull?'' or ''if a mad scientist created an exact clone of you that had the same memories as you up until the point you were cloned, would you nosh your clone off in return for a gobbler from him?''
  7. Iam surprised nobody on this forum has asked why cant Susan Boyle be the one having a shit on their chest.
  8. What about your dad get his cock bitten by a snake and the only way to save him is to suck out the venom from said appendige?
  9. No no Silly Scot, this is a thread about awful dilemmas not your personal fantasy. Get help. Now.

    As for the SuBo poo thing...I think nobody raised it because we are all on the search for something novel and different...
  10. How about both of them having a bad bout of diarrohea on your head?
  11. Fair point cuddles, i am in the prosses of comitting myself and hopfully will be relesed back in to the real world someday :p
  12. You really put thought into that didnt you .....
  13. id eat a bag of kylies shit if i was allowed to throw my cock up where it came from
  14. What if a black man squirted it out of his mouth? Then you'd be in trouble !
  15. is he a pretty black man?