Would you rather be rich and famous.....or......!!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jimnicebutdim, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. ' Life can be full of coincidences and when a Royal Navy Lieutenant was tasked to give a presentation to St Joseph's School in Salisbury, little did she realise that Ant and Dec, fellow former cast members of Byker Grove, would also be there to spring a surprise on behalf of the 'Pride of Britain' awards. They were there to whisk an eleven year old girl off to the award ceremony courtesy of a Merlin helicopter from 814 Naval Air Squadron. When asked how she felt about meeting them again, she said "It was great to see Ant and Dec after all these years. I used to be interested in drama when I was younger and was part of an evening drama group at school. It was during this time that I was lucky enough to be selected to have the opportunity to work as an extra in the Byker Grove television series with Ant and Dec, at the beginning of their careers. Although I thoroughly enjoyed drama and this exposure to the world of entertainment, I decided I wanted to pursue an academic career. After going to Coventry University, where I studied Psychology, I joined the Royal Navy" She is often asked whether she has any regrets about turning her back on a career in drama in order to pursue a life in the Royal Navy and responds; "I can honestly say that joining the Navy was the single most defining moment in my life. The opportunities and experiences I have had I would not swap for anything. Obviously I would have loved to have the success which Ant and Dec have enjoyed, but the chances of making it in the world of entertainment is very slim. Instead, I have travelled to 32 countries including Antarctica and Afghanistan. I have learned to ski, scuba dive, and sail and am currently learning to bobsleigh! My job involves driving millions of pounds worth of warship while being responsible for the lives and wellbeing of everyone on board". She added that she did not think Ant and Dec have had any experiences like that! '

    Somehow I think this bird is lying..........what would you rather? Rich, famus and idealised by millions of women.....or......in the navy?????
  2. does she know FRANK then :?: :?: :?: :?:

    feck being rich OR famous i am happy enough knowing i am scottish :twisted: :twisted:
  3. I'd settle for rich, sod being famous, look what it's done to flashy.
  4. this is the aforementioned lady
  5. she would certainly get it........... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. You've gotta be kidding, I'd rather be the lowliest matelot barrel-boy than one of those dull geordie dwarves, they are about as amusing as colonic cancer. I despise the current cult of celebrity, if you achieve fame through genuine talent, fine, but if you seek fame for its own sake, you're probably an immature, socially inept attention whore.
    I really, really hate those two cnuts, just the sight of them in those growbags has pushed my blood pressure off the scale!

    I need to lie down now in a darkened room...................cnuts! :oops:
  7. The one on the left has a feckin huge forehead,it doesn't look that big on telly.I bet he could head butt a horse
  8. She's talking bawz. Does anybody really expect her to turn round and say she wouldn't want to be rich?
  9. The lady is definatly worth a portion, still thats proberbaly (SD you need to learn to spell- Mrs SD) why she so happy being in the navy on board those ships with all those men. well atleast i can safely say all i want to be when i grow up is a dirty old man wait a mniute...
  10. No she isn't, if they had done we would have all had to sit through the fcuking television special! I did see Ant come flying off his White Helmet motor bike though...that was good value for the defence spend! Swift and not very good at flying without wings...
  11. Of course she's lying. She's gone for the salary instead of the chance at fame and fortune. In truth I'd bet my pension that she's kicking herself in the minge every five minutes because they made it and she didn't.
  12. With you all the way Sandmanfez,doubt if they could raise a titter at any comedy club. Set fire to the Cnuts.

  13. It's a different skill to comedy club. Trust me - I know.
  14. The pinnacle of their career was "Wonky Donkey" going downhill from that would seem impossible, but they've managed it. Seriously, some of us really arent interested in money, granted, I'm comfortably off, but I've turned down opportunities to double my income. The lady in question has chosen a worthwhile and rewarding career over the vain pursuit of notoriety. More power to her for it.
  15. I still say that inside she wishes she was treading the boards.