Would you put up with this kind of behaviour?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by devildeon, Oct 13, 2006.

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  1. There is a lad in our Bty, that while serving in Iraq was wounded during an I.E.D. attack, he suffered shrapnel wounds to his neck and has since been downgraded (p7)
    This morning while at work he was informed that he was to deploy on an excercise in warminster on Monday, upon informing/reminding his BSM that he was unable to do so, he was instructed to prove it, so he went to the medical centre to get a copy of his sick chit (i believe he had lost his original copy or it was his date of review)
    upon providing his BSM with his sick chit, that stated he was still p7 downgraded and that if he was to deploy on excercise he was to do so only in a echelon role (working with the stores personel) please note that he is a gunner and usually works on the AS90,
    the BSM then said to him "well good because thats where you are going you prick" indicating that because he couldnt deploy he was to be posted out of the Bty (that he has been with since joining the Regiment)
    to HQ, and all because of the fact that he was involved in an I.E.D whilst performing his duty, which as im sure you can appreciate is an occurance that he never asked for nor wanted
    Is it right that a soldier should be treated in this way because of an incident that he had absolutly no control over.
    I can almost understand the need to find him a job within the regiment so that he can be of use to the Regiment (so to speak) but surely there is a proper way of going about it, rather than making the lad feel as tho he is being chasticed all because he was injured (and i state once again this was an incident that was completely out of his control)
    I know we live and work in what can sometimes be a hard enviroment, but surely there is a way of handling this type of situation.

    I ask you would you tolerate this kind of behaviour? especially from your seniors who should in all respects should be looking out for the welfare of the young soldiers under thier command,
    it seems to me, in this instance this isnt the case, there is a number of various instances i could mention but this one in particular has really made my blood boil and has prompted me to ask the question

    Copied from blogs (original entry) - post comments here.
  2. I have no wish to detract from the point you make. On the contrary. But the blog section is something of a backwater, visited by only a few. Wouldn't this be better posted in a forum? To give it greater exposure and analysis?
  3. I agree with Lucky Jim post in Forum, then see what people think.
  4. Just seen this. The Army can do without cnts like this BSM. Get loads of exposure, print off responses - pin them on the Bty notice board. If I ever meet your mate theres a drink on me. Good luck.
  5. I know we dont like to grass, but to be honest the behavior of the BSM is disgusting, I would pass it up the chain of command and get the BSM councelled on his attitude, we have enough of cnuts like this on civvy street without having them on the inside too.

    I am absolutely repulsed by the spiteful remarks of this BSM and he must not be allowed to go unchecked, this man must have the book thrown at him, he should lose his rank. A coward like the BSM is not fit to command real men. Feel free to put this statement on the BSM's desk, then maybe he will know that good people like me think b@stards like him arent fit ti serve in th British Army, fcuking spineless ignorant cnunt, jealous of an injured soldier because he has done half the time and has twice the story to tell.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    We've only heard one side of the story, but don't let that stop anyone jumping on the outrage bus.

  7. Not the first time and it wont be the last. Still wrong.
  8. Amazingly enough there is a CoC that the soldier can use, if the circumstances are as stated above. Apart from complaining to his Tp Comd he can go higher (and have the minerals to put things in writing). There is also an extremely extensive and well trained welfare network he can approach (starting with the Padre). Has he spoken to his Bdr or Tp Sgt? If he is uncomfortable speaking to those people (for any reason), has he approached a senior and respected NCO in the Bty (not some junior gobshite barrack-room lawyer type)?

    Perhaps the BSM feels that Gnr X has been playing on his injury? Could there be a reason for that?

    In my years of service I had only ever had one BSM who was a chod - the system simply worked around him.

    So if all is exactly as per the first post, then there are plenty of grounds for action and plenty of people in senior enough positions who are prepared and trained to help. However if the situation is not exactly as told...

    On a personal note, if a soldier is injured long-term then HQ Bty is the best place for them. An equipment Bty is not the place for the fragile or special needs: they are stretched too thin and have too much to do to be asked to look after a long-term sickie (no matter how genuine).
  9. Thats a good point, seen that done in Engr regts before.
  10. Hell of a gap between the first posting and now, I suspect that its a wee bit late now for him to take any action.
  11. :oops:

    Bugger! I normall check the date of a thread as well...
  12. Sounds like the BSM was a throbber, lacking in man-management skills. Hope the lad recovers and prospers.
  13. I've seen it happens too many times, lads injured in the course of their duties treated like sh*t by some knobber.

    These cnuts wonder why decent lads are leaving in droves? If true, the BSM in this matter is clearly unfit for his job and should be given a job where he isn't responsible for the wlfare of soldiers.
  14. I attended a barby at the 1WG Sgts Mess last July, and one of the Toms dicked for fatigues was due medical discharge 2 days later, the result of a grenade attack on his Lanny in Basra. This was his last Saturday in uniform, such compassion, he should by rights have been getting snotters with his mates.
  15. Blogs is not an appropriate forum for a subject such as this.

    Moved to the RHQ Forum.