Would you or wouldn't you

hey a few pints, lights out, takes her teeth out and bet she has a tongue, so WTF, go for it.

and as they say you cant see her face when you have it up her arse.
after a few pints I am always hard up
I will have to get my magnifying glass out, not to look for my dick, but look at that photo!!! Then I'll give you an answer!
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<meta name="description" content="Let me know if you would do this.......?"/>
<title> Would you or wouldn't you</title>


Is it both of them together?
One after the other?
Is the use of black nasty and soldering irons permitted, or must they be returned in the condition received?

Probably yes but they would not be on my list of ones I'd ring up Mrs Chef whilst doing to say 'Guess who I'm shagging right now?'
Wouldn't be my proudest moment and I wouldn't go letting everyone on Facebook know but yep I would, and anyone on here who say they wouldn't are liars!

Edit to add, I bet they bang like belt fed mortars, the dirty cunts!
Let me know if you would do this.......?
Fucking Stupid Question.....Is this the result of dumbing down the NAAFI or a windup.

Looks like they both have a pulse so thats a "Bonus", which is what they will be screaming once I've got my tongue working at full stretch.


Isn't there a facebook equivalent of the dog board or is it plenty of fish?

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