Would you open fire on the Great British Public?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Picasso, Aug 16, 2009.

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  1. In the Poll ' Do we live in a Police State' a whopping 91% of arrse voters polled believe this country is either already a Police State or headed towards becoming one.
    That's a pretty overwhelming majority by any standards.
    So, the next question has to be apart from what the hell can be done about it is- If we are in or headed towards being in a Police State,

    What are the implications for the military if any and the possibility of being used against our own population?

    Any historians amongst us want to discuss possible comparisons with how things went/are with previous/other Police States?
    Also why would anyone fight in the Stan if we really have sleepwalked into a Police State at home and the real fight for freedom is right here?
    In your own time, go on..
  2. I think this has been covered before with the old and bold reminising about Northern Island and also the usual suspects salivating at the thought of manning a GPMG against marauding Chavs. Quite a few volunteers for being No 2 on the gun as well.
  3. If the Great British public was busy firing at me then probably yes.
  4. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    lol you boys have no idea what a police state actually is - having lived in one I can assure you there is quite a way to go as yet - ask the question how many arrsers THINK they'd like to live in a police state or a military dictatorship/autocracy...
  5. Depends what the situation would be

    If they were attacking defenceless civilians ie following a ROE car then yes

    If it was just for a bit of chav hunting - no matter how tempting - then No

    And the old addage of - I was just following orders - wont work
  6. Bearing in mind that our poll has just established that we collectively believe that we are living in, or heading towards living in a Police state, if Joe public decides to attempt to fight the powers that be to regain their freedoms back (the ones won for them in two world wars) you would fire on them rather than help them?
    Just so we are clear..
  7. I think that part of a police state is a hostility to anyone else enforcing the law.

    The police crack down hard on people who shoot criminals because if we all start enforcing the law, the justification for a police state goes away.

    I don't see the police being any happier about the army shooting criminals than they are about farmers doing it.
  8. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    chavs, pikeys, SODJAs, line em up and give me a Gimpy. But under orders from this current government very unlikely.
  9. That was why the "Firearms Act" was brought in so the disgruntled ex soldiers of the first world war couldn't shoot back and the " Nine Acts" in the early 19th to stop civilians drilling, so they could defend themselves against cavelry, It was the Duke of Wellington's idea
  10. Its also dependant at what the social infrastructure of the country has become. If it is verging on chaos, and people civil liberties are being denied and a police state is required to keep the peace then so be it.

    Are you serving picasso?
  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Many moons ago when our battalion was the inf element of AMF(L) we were on exercise in Greece. This was during the time the Colonels junta was in charge.

    There was a parade in Salamis of all the NATO elements taking part. Being the usual skiving prat I am I was not on parade but had to be in uniform - trews, shirtsleeve order, brogues etc. When we went to watch the parade we stood at the back not particularly interested, just wanted to see who fucked up. However the crowd would not have it, we had to be at the front and I mean we HAD to be at the front. They were shit scared of anyone in uniform.

    THAT is what living in a police state is like and I can tell you if I felt uncomfortable with it, how do you think the poor bastards who had to live there felt?

    For all our schimfing and moaning Britain is a free country and if you don't think it is try a trip to Zimbabwe or carry a protest banner in Tianamen Square.
  12. Its because the Daily Mail tells them so :roll:
  13. It has its plus sides if you get the right job, I suppose: General Bloggs-Smythe has been appointed Chief Constable of the Police division responsible for rounding up the super-obese. Already he is being referred to as the 'Go Lighter for Fatness' or the 'Telly-Tubby Finder General'.
  14. internment camps to re-educate chavs

    Fat camps

    doesnt sound too bad
  15. I am old enough to remember 'The Dismissal' in 1975, when Australia came very close to civil war and rumour had it that several senior military officers were put under house arrest.

    We lived close to the RAAF F-111 & Iroquois gunship bases at Amberley and Oakey respectively (both SE Queensland) In those days 'primary producers' (which we were) could get pistols (for pest destruction) and gelignite (for blasting stumps) just by buying it, no licenses, nothing.

    We knew that the Army would never fire on us, but nobody was sure about the RAAF, so plans were made to distract the base guard dogs with bitches in heat and cripple the aircraft with satchel charges (a few locals were Vietnam veterans with no love for the government)

    Never happened, but who knows...