would you marry your bezzer

Civil partnership with your bezzer to get a bigger room ?

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  • no the p1sstake will be too much

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  • i rather be raped by the RSM

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say 2 best mates wants a bigger room than the singles block they have , so suppose they enter into a Civil partnership in order to geta bigger married quarters and occasionally bring back some "Lesbian" friends to explore your innner sexuality . ;)


a good idea ? :D or will the p1ss taking be too much :lol:
Don't remember Brian Labone looking like that
the_guru said:
Don't remember Brian Labone looking like that
Actually, I would rather marry Brian Labone..............

She would be nice, but I would go off after about 4 pushes....

At least Brian could tell me about this.

1 = 20
dutybooty said:
Fair one, surprised no ones tried it already....Come to think of it not a bad idea
Think of all the roll mat bootneck fun you could have!
Strikes me as one of the best ideas in ages. Go for it. Who's going to contest it (any nasty figure of authority could immediately be accused of 'HateCrime' and sent away for ReEducation)?

You should also apply for 'Civil Partnership' (tax advantages) and the right to adopt, which should ensure your and er, her rights to miss a few musters for breastfeeding reasons. It's all in the Yuropean Human Rights legislation; ask Mrs Blair.
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