Would you marry the Iron Duke?

Once again the Ferrous Duck sets up a fred with a poll. Fair enough. But invariably the poll ends up with "Marry me, lovely Iron Duke"
Once, maybe twice, but every time? Is there a hidden agenda going on? Is he luring wenches North of the Avon, to be "married" by by an alleged "vicar" over the river?
Then what? Has he recently bought a wood chipper? Herd of pigs?
Should we know more?
Does it matter?

I just fancied using me question mark key. OK?
Oh, forgot about the S**D, I would lock him in it, set fire to it and NOT piss on his
Funeral Pyre.....Haynes Manuals burn well, so I'm told.
I would then flog the L/R for 2/6d to Pongo.
TID is one of the few arrsers on here who's posts are original and (usually) funny in a surreal pythonesque kind of way. I'm already married, but I would let him buy me dinner.

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AW, I feel bad now, I agree with RD about his posts, why, he even posted about Steam
awhile ago, his interest in 'Garden Emporiums' intrigues me, too.

Seems a quite knowledgeable Chap, who is normally fairly personable...second thoughts,
Naw, burn the cnut but rub Tabasco Sauce on his bell-end first. xxxx
I wouldn't marry the soap dodging old cunt.

But I would go on a first date with him and allow myself to be roughly fingered in the back of the taxi.

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