Would you like to see Richard Brunstrom sacked?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tazzers, May 3, 2007.

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  1. I've got a mate in North Wales police and he says what you read about Brunstrom is only the tip of the iceberg.
  2. Yes! But, maybe perversely, not for this incident. Have held the view for a long time that more exposure to the reality of some situations is a good idea.

    We're allowed (in fact, encouraged) to see "harrowing pictures" of events in Third World countries, and we know that (sometimes) it's the only way to get the true horror of things across.

    In this case, upsetting though it may be for the family, the facts appear to be that the man in question rode his motorbike too fast, had an accident and was decapitated.

    Many years ago, we had a young lance-jack do exactly the same thing and I for one don't believe it was coincidence that suddenly all the bikers in the area were riding very sensibly.

    I don't agree with his policy on speed enforcement because I don't agree with the "hang the speeders" brigade who will swear, when they have an accident at 70 mph on a crowded motorway in the fog, that they weren't doing anything wrong because they weren't speeding. The issue is nowhere near as cut-and-dried as that.

    But, in this case, he was making a valid point which, if it makes one other motorist think and saves one life as a result, should make the family glad that some good came from this man's death.

    ***awaits incoming***
  3. Pretty valid point mate, I think one of the reasons was the fact the victim was identifiable, which caused the commotion.
    The point is valid though.
    On a diverse track with a similiar theme, how many of us have seen training films, internet posts etc which show people being killed, wounded, injured etc but have not said anything about it.
    I suppose as a former instructor I am guilty of showing some stuff (not death or anything like that) that would make the average civillian cringe and drip.
    As for Gaulieter Brunstromger getting sacked. No. Hanged yes. Sacked No.
    I suppose he will not mind when he eventually suffers from oxygen depravity he will not mind his autopsy being posted on the internet and being used in medical training films.
    (This cider is going down well tonight)
  4. No brainer - of course. It seems to me that any Chief Constable known outside the area of his own constabulary (Met excepted) is more in the business of self-promotion than actual policing.
  5. Valid points both hairy and spunky (!!!!!!!!!!) but 1) This is the tip of the iceberg and 2) the major point is that the relatives were not consulted.

    It appears that the relatives want him at the very least severely reprimanded (actually they have called for his dismissal).

    One other point is that although you are right about some of the pictures I have seen on the internet and not commented.........................well this bloke is in a position of very high authority. The responsibility that he holds has been denigrated by his characteristic lack of respect for anything but himself and his own agenda which is, as pointed out, as much to do with his own self aggrandisation as it has to do with his views on road safety. He might not be a bent copper but he is twisted.

    As for the tip of the iceberg, well it doesn't take that much rumaging to dig the dirt on this bloke. This might not be THE reason for getting him sacked but his catalogue of errors, misjudgements and slightly skewed interpretation of the law, his dedication to road safety and how it pertains to him and his own (family) makes me think that he needs to be punished. If this is what brings about his punishment then I have to support it.

  6. Why should he be sacked for his dedication to road safety? Is there a story concerning hypocrisy in this regard that I don't know about?
  8. I was the "slide-button pusher" at a number of GOC (NI) briefs many years ago, where numerous FCO and Stormont types were shown SOCO photos of "incidents", where both the baddies and our own blokes both featured...

    I always felt slightly uncomfortable about shots of our lads appearing, but it made the point and certainly had the desired effect on some of the "politicos".

    As for Wachtmeistergeneral von Brunnstromm, my late Old Man was a retired officer of that Force. He told me that the local police Authority was warned not to take him on as Chief...
  9. SpunkyMonkey said
    Where traffic accidents are concerned, is seems that the sights of a fatal incident do not deter on a lasting basis. My guys used to see some horrendous things - dead kids and infants stuck up trees were common on those long Belgian roads. Drivers losing heads going under unlighted trucks in Cyprus and so on and so on. Yet they were some of the worst for speeding. My driving might improve for a day or so but always went back as if I had seen nothing. Attitude seems to be that 'it will not happen to me' which is, I think, a relief mechanism that reduces stress. Think on the old VD films with the gory detail, Never worked. Final example is that some people still vote Labour.
  10. Shouldn't he be sacked for being a weapons grade ********? The man's a total ******.
  11. Feck, after seeing the films and slides at a vice lecture in Hong Kong, my willy emigrated! :oops:
  12. He should be sacked for showing the photo and not asking the vicitms family first, how did the lads mum feel seeing her mutilated son on an advert. Brunstrom's a fister, road safety's about a hell of a lot more than speed.
  13. Living in north wales I can safely say this guy has nothing else on his mind instead of becoming chief of wales. The guys a dick, I'll say it to his face and irony my wife works for north wales police :s