Would you like to see my wife's pie?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by AsterixTG, Sep 1, 2011.

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  1. It's very difficult to find a good pie out here in Dubai, so I've been taking it upon myself to become a bit of a piemeister. The difference is amazing compared to shop bought fare - really nice non-soggy pastry and oodles more flavour.

    The missus asked if I could make one for dinner, so I whipped up a very tasty Chicken & Mushroom effort. I thought I'd also add a personal, endearing touch so she'd feel loved...

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  2. nothing says love quite like a pie with "****" written on the top... she is a lucky lucky girl.
  3. I have also slaved over a hot oven to show my love for my wife, here, I presented her with a singed bell end cherry pie.

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  4. it is becomming glaringly obvious that all the really caring men are married... *Sigh*
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  5. PK - do you not use egg glaze for the top? Edit: Noticed it's a cherry pie. Doh.

    Barbarella - in all honestly, my missus is an absolute star with a brilliant sense of humour. When she saw it, she burst out laughing and said that it's the closest she'll get to being a lesbo, eating some **** pie.
  6. Your Wife's pie looked beautiful, my wife also found it hilarious after chastising you for using the word that cannot be mentioned in our house.