Would you like to earn £60,000 ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, Sep 23, 2012.

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  1. Saw this last night on my phone app. Can't the CIA just assassinate him or something and do the world a favour.
  2. Perhaps the time has come for western governments to offer double the bounty for the confirmed death of the idiots who do this?

    Part of me would quite like to see Hague announce 'and so, Mr Speaker, t'government will provide $200,000 to the person who brings to the British embassy in Karachi the head and testicles of the Pakistani minister for railways. The items must be in a nicely wrapped box, because we don't want tupperware cluttering up the embassy storeroom. We'll be announcing an interesting performance-related deal for the remains of Ayatollah Khomeni over the Rushdie fatwa early next week...'
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  3. I out Jarrod as the film maker & claim my £60k!;-)
  4. Yeah.
    They could blame the Iranians.
    Then they'd have to carpet bomb Tehran, fire cruise missiles at everything and invade the rubble.
  5. He's certain to be re-elected.
  6. As it's Punjabs killing Punjabs, and causing millions of pounds worth of improvements, let the mad ******* get on with it....... keep poking them with a virtual stick whenever it calms down.
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  7. They would need to rescue him to do that.
  8. I agree.
  9. Incitement to murder within the territory of an 'allied' power. Seems reasonable enough. Standing by to watch Barry O do FA about it.
  10. The Pakistani minister of railways, I would suggest that is a rather easy job. Another train derailed, hundreds dead? Allah's will. Next!
  11. Perfect answer,de-stabilise problem countries,let them kill each other and they will be too busy to kill us,then as they start to get their countries calm start causing more problems and so on.Also withdrawing all the foreign aid they receive from the West,that should teach them.
  12. That would be a perfect plan were it not for their:
    a) Hatred of the West
    b) Access to nuclear weapons
  13. fu2

    fu2 LE

    I`m not doing anything next weekend :plotting:How do they want him ? will a photo suffice or do they want the head ? If they want the head that is going to cost extra. Fedex isn`t cheap.
  14. Why would I want to earn £60k the ****ing government will take most of it.
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