Would you like play a game? Chess or Nuclear War?

Everybody dies. If you remember the Eighties, you'll remember a film called 'Wargames', where a kid hacks into NORAD and nearly starts WWIII. This game is that film - you control missile silos, carriers, ballistic subs, stealth bombers - the works. All rendered in beautifully simple graphics, with a creepy underscore of a women weeping, the Lord's Prayer through crackling static and quiet violins. The soft rumble of nukes and the slow tick of casualty figures as another city is annihilated.

This game gives me the shivers, but I can't stop playing it - fully playable demo, or throw a tenner and get it as a direct download.

totally agree. scares the sh1t out of me but cant stop playing.
any idea how we could link up? heard demo supports a 2 player net game?
the green bit in the first thread, I found it poo though!
Hurry Up - if you click 'Join Game' and you have a net connection it should take you to the Metaserver so you can choose a game to join. No game can have more than one Demo player though, so it's quite hard to get a game easily unless you lay out the tenner for the full game. My handle on there is Happy Dave, PM me if you fancy being nuked.
I downloaded it. Not bad.

Edit: Liked it that much I splashed out the tenner.

Playing as bossdog.

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