Would you like a flake with that?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Jacques_Bustard, May 27, 2010.

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  1. You just can't please some people can you, She would be quick enough to bleat if the story went along the lines of...

    Coppers stopped the vehicle, threw a couple of hairy land sharks out the back at the youf, then drawing their sidearms started chuking rounds dowrange at the kids as they legged it down the road...
  2. He managed to defuse the situation without it escalating, I can see the senior officers concern with maintaining a more serious image, but it's still good use of initiative.

    And what would the SF councillor prefer him to do? Kneecap prior to taring and feathering?
  3. "It goes against everything we are trying to solve and eradicate in the area."

    Said police officer eradicated that particular episode didn't he? Sinn Fein? Fcuking jokers. They haven't changed. :x
  4. Good grief, the man contained the situation; no one was hurt and yet he is being censured. It is hardly surprising that some Police become disillusioned
  5. He deserved to be censured.

    He was supposed to play "The Archers" so that the comatose bodies could be rounded up without further aggression.
  6. Twinbrook nuff said
  7. What's the problem with ice cream van music? If he'd played 'The Sash' I'd understand them getting upset.
  8. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Bloody good example of PsyOps!
  9. Sick joke? A sick joke is: My son will soon be getting to that age where he acts like my cat. He'll start bringing birds home in such poor condition I'll have to take them into the backyard and kill them with a brick. This story is not a sick joke.
  10. Full marks to the copper for defusing the situation non violently, and 0/10 for balls to his bosses for not sticking up for him. The SF councillor once more confirmed my view of that organisation. Does a couple verses of "just one cornetto" constitute a "cruel and unusual punishment" now? What planet are these people from?
  11. That has actually been done...

    And no, the fcukin loacals didn't like that either.
  12. Most of the locals found it hilarious,and are still laughing about it.They are very pleased to see these scrots sent on their way with no violence being used by either side. They are also laughing at the police making fools out of the little scrots.Things have changed a little bit in Twinbrook from the "bad old days",a lot now own thier own homes,have decent cars(taxed)and believe it or not have jobs,and don't want this antisocial behavior anymore.As for the Shinners,the young scrots have no fear of them,don't listen or respect them,or anyone else for that matter.Recently,it was the public,not the Shinners who demanded and forced the police to u-turn on withdrawal of it's special vehicle crime unit.As for the police,they're not the R.U.C. anymore.The guy deserves a big pat on the back.
  13. I'm disappointed. I thought this was going to be about a 99 - it's like a 69 but she has a flake up her arrse.
  14. The PA system in the Landrover(?) was already fitted with "ice cream van" music?