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Would you let another guy shag you up the arse for £1million

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Chimpy., May 17, 2007.

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  1. Be honest now. Would you let some guy bum you for a million quid?
  2. Will need to see your latest bank statement before answering that one, Chimps
  3. Probably for a lot less :oops: :roll: :wink: :x :?
  4. To be honest I'd first ask if I could be the giver. However, I'd do it for a million big ones. I mean one bumming for a lifetime of riches. That's a pretty good deal. When I was inside some of the inmates used to accept a bumming for a pack of ciggies.
  5. We'll take it as read that he hasn't got aids or the clap. How big is his willy? Will it really hurt? Will he want "tender moments" afterwards or can we just get it over and done with?

    Come on Chimpy, what's the deal? As far as I can see you still haven't even been to Thailand let alone made your first milliion.

    Oh and don't think that you can establish the principle and then start haggling! :D
  6. Would do it for 100k so long as he wears a condom.
  7. A good CR has been enough in the past. :hump:
  8. His penis is the official average British penis size (5.5 inches), he doesn't have aids, he wears a condom and there are no "tender moments" at the end. Just a quick bumming then you get the cash. However, it will probably hurt a bit. I wouldn't know for certain though because I haven't actually had anything 5.5 inches long up my arse ... that said, I've done some pretty big poohs.

    EDIT - oh and I plan on going to Thailand next week ... Monday to be precise.
  9. I'd pretty much do anything for 1 million pounds sterling and am willing to negotiate lower sums.
  10. You know an awful lot about him , you have someone in mind?

  11. What can I get for a £5, some used porn mags and a bag of chips?
  12. You Bast*rd! I've just had to explain to Mrs Ex STAB what was so funny. Anyhow, this must be a wind up - average penis length 5.5"?!? On that basis I can make far more money exhibiting one 3.5" longer than average :D

    I just don't believe it. Is your cat a millionaire?
  13. Gunny, I am getting my cheque book ready, and looking for a strap-on for ya on e-bay as I type.

    Or do you take Switch?
  14. £1 million, is, unfortunately, nothing much these days, for instance you wont get much change out of that for most properties in Central London, if not even close.

    Apparently, you need roughly £5-10 million to live the 'millionaires lifestyle' nowdays. :(
  15. Ah well, I suppose the truth of how I came by my wealth had to come out one day........

    My Home


    My Car


    My Cash


    Me and the lads out playing