Would you join up as an old bugger?

Could I please get some honest advice from those of you that have served as officers?

I tried to join as a TA soldier as a student in the 80's, got rejected because of crap eyesight, and I thought that was me finished.

In the meantime I got a degree, ran my own business and made some reasonable wedge, and got bored to ****.

In the last couple of years the NZ army has totally binned the upper age limit for officer recruits AND relaxed the eyesight requirement. The recruiter I spoke to last week said that there are blokes as old as 50 going through - the only thing you have to do is pass the medical and fitness stuff.

So now I have the opportunity to join up - at 43 - as a regular officer.

If you could, would you?
In New Zealand you say? I would love to stop and chat with you but I'm off down to the recruiting office. I could become the world's first 73 year old 2Lt. Whoo hooo.

Seriously though, I wish you luck....but I have my doubts.
Are you having a mid-life crisis? A lot of men do - or at least they reassess themselves and their prospects round about that stage of their lives. I came to the end of my regular service at 40 and was happy to leave and do something else. So it may be just the change you need. Also, you may well be quite fit enough for roles that aren't too challenging - at 50 I was still passing the TA BFT in the under 30 yr old max time.

It is likely to be a culture shock for you, though, if the NZ army is anything like the British one!
"The only thing you have to do is pass the medical and fitness stuff...."

I rather suspect that your use of the word "only" may be based upon inadequate knowledge of the requirements. There is also the minor matter of demonstrating to a selection board your potential for leadership. Making " some reasonable wedge" doesn't automatically make you a leader of soldiers.

After all that pissing on your parade, where did you say I could sign up?
I suspect a civvy and failed TA applicant who uses the word 'only' in relation to the New Zealand army could be in for a GBFO shock.
Thanks very much, these are exactly the sort of comments I need to hear. I'm aware that as a civilian there is plenty of stuff I'm ignorant about and this thread is an attempt to find out what I don't know and what questions I should be asking. Any other constructive advice will be gratefully received.

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