would you , if ordered, open fire on CIVPOP in the UK

Would you if ordered open fire on CIVPOP in the UK

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    Votes: 154 77.0%
  • NO

    Votes: 46 23.0%

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How did I know you'd pick up on that, no idea mate, found the first stock photo of an SLR with wooden furniture specifically cos, well your like really really old and had them issued that way from scratch and it appears I picked one with a thing on it :(


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No, they’re all shite.
The spams get really really upset at the concept of the US military shooting at them they go apoplectic at this thread:mrgreen:
Depends on who is giving the order. I mean if Corbyn gave the order I would shoot him instead.
Some US police departments used to use rock salt in 12 gauge cartridge as a high pain low lethality option
What is really, really, good is pepperball. Pepperball is a real crowd deterrent and has been used in the US on numerous occasions.

It is basically a paintball pellet, ever felt one of those hit you at 10M, multiple hits seriously phuqin hurt. Instead of being filled with paint gel the pellet is filled with an irritant, fire it at the assailants upper chest (yeah right), the pellet pop's and the irritant enters the looting, rioting, left wing anarchists eye's, nose and mouth causing them to want their mummy and daddy very quickly.

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A GPMG and a shitload of 7.62mm link. Then yes.

If it was to be used against the benefit scrounging, alcoholic drug taking hordes that infest these valleys.
I would rather use that ammo on the social-engineering lefty scum who have hollowed out society enough to cause it in the first place.

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