would you , if ordered, open fire on CIVPOP in the UK

Would you if ordered open fire on CIVPOP in the UK

  • YES

    Votes: 154 77.0%
  • NO

    Votes: 46 23.0%

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These are the same "thick mindless cnuts" who are savvy enough to realise that there are times when it's legal and necessary to open fire on members of the civilian population. Extreme cases that is.
****ing good point that! And I've no doubt that picasso doesn't need reminding that even when you have an extreme case and good cause to open fire we sometimes find that we don't and two signallers paid with their lives for choosing that course of action. So mindless cnuts we might be, gobshites more than likely but wanton killers? I think not!

All I ask is that, if ever a situation arises that requires troops to brass the **** out of the population, then I hope, pray and humbly request that it happens in West Moors, Dorset. Amen
If in Parlament yes!
If on the streets yes! because their are so many immigrants the chances of hitting an Anglo Saxon are slim to none.
In any area were Elites live or people that have more money then me, which is 99.9% of the UK.

But would you really want to obey the orders of a goverment who voted to put your pals in a pointless war with no world benefit what so ever? sorry apart from industrial military complex that is.
And if you dont understand that, forget it for now then look at the results in a few years time!
If on the streets yes! because their are so many immigrants the chances of hitting an Anglo Saxon are slim to none.
Jesus that made me smile:D
Yes Stonker - the coup led to the advancement predominantly of English economic fortunes -****ed over Scotland and brought about the Act of Union of 1707!
Brandy Nan was a Hanoverian whore bitch. No, we aren't bitter nor do we bear long grudges. Why do you ask?
Oh no I ****ing do not.


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Christ on a bike @MrMemory - you re-animated a nine year old thread for THIS???

Kudos for your CPR skills - some names in the preceding six pages many of us had happily forgotten....
Looks like the OP's question is now somewhat more than just an academic issue for the French population.
Does it mater what we do anymore whether it is deemed justified or not?

...Tony Blair's son will probably sue me in thirty years just for looking at this thread!
I'd do it unordered.

Be that with hickory stick, baton gun or 7.62.
Edited for accuracy.
we edivently already dun it according to various buckshee lawyer companies and , sadly to say, some of our "honourable members".

I refrain from adding various police types and civil (ha) servants to the list as it is almost.impossible to identify the guilty b'stards.
If you do, just make sure you've got your story straight for 46 years time.

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