would you , if ordered, open fire on CIVPOP in the UK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jim24, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. YES

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  2. NO

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  1. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    My Commy mate just asked me this in the pub
  2. I'd do it unordered.

    Be that with hickory stick, baton gun or 5.56.
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  3. Where in the UK? In the Home Counties would be bad form, Birmingham would be good sport.
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  4. mattyw

    mattyw Old-Salt Reviewer

    opened fire with what? rubber bullets? live rounds?
  5. As Rico once said "Buenos Aires and I say Kill em all"
    In a nutshell yeah I would
  6. pointless thread, put it into context ffs.

    Most of us would have little problem offing some chavette/chav druggie who mugs oaps for drug money, but most would baulk at offing someone shopping at Sainsburys on a thursday afternoon for no reason.
  7. Matty, love and hugs presumably.
  8. With what, MLRS, AS90?
  9. With Pleasure!!!
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  10. In a ****ing heartbeat. I dream of the day we receive the order.
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  11. You would have to be sure that you dropped 'em nice and clean. Once the compo companies hear that Strawberries are being wounded by nasty soldiers it would spark a deluge of irritating adverts: 'Have you been shot in the face by a soldier and it wasn't your fault? Call now and you could be able to claim for enough money for a lifetime supply of Sunny D and Greggs pasties!'.
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  12. As a good Communist, of course I would unflinchingly obey any such command reflecting the wishes of our beloved leader. As a democrat, don't be so fcuking silly! I might wish I could and in fact, I wouldn't hesitate if cornered by a mob, but ultimately things would have to go way down the pan before shooting at UK citizens was ever acceptable. Spraying the fcukers with indelible purple dye thus ruining their clobber and marking them out would be bloody good sport!
  13. Having spent a few years in Manchester where they are still annoyed about the Peterloo massacre (and seem to think tens of thousands died thanks to the Marxists of the day) you would have to make sure you just killed everyone and all the media too so you avoid 100 years of moaning.
  14. You wouldnt
  15. I ****ing wouldn't baulk. I ****ing hate people shopping in Sainsburys for no reason on any day of the week.