Would you go to the Olympics?

Would you go to the Olympics?

  • No, it bores me nearly as much as ringdoby

    Votes: 43 78.2%
  • No, Security is a major concern

    Votes: 4 7.3%
  • Yes, but with concerns

    Votes: 1 1.8%
  • Yes, why worry?

    Votes: 7 12.7%

  • Total voters
( unless there under Orders...)

Forget the politics, would you visit, given what various people with suntans and grudges think of us?
No!!!! I have already booked flights and hotel in Oz for the duration of the Olympics! Different sort of sunshine over there compared with what we might be receiving over here! ;-)


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So your a racist, and a moral and physical coward? ps our armed forces may well help maintain the security, but im sure you,ll have a note from yer mum, due to that nasty verruca so wont turn up.
No. Load of hype and bollocks. Decided not to support it as it's not about the sport, it's about money, corruption, more money and more corrpution. Did I mention money and corruption? I was going to take my kids just for the occasion but I'm not trailing down there to spend a bloody fortune taking them to see it. Oh, and the money... none of it will come from me, apart from the huge amounts that have already been hived off in taxes and funding cuts that would have been better spent on local needs rather than the load of hype and bollocks that we'll get for London, most of which will be squandered as per bloody usual, if hasn't already been done. Jalapeno crisps anyone?
I guess it lowers the risk of my family being blown up too.

...and rest. I think that about covers it. Must have a beer to calm down. Any excuse.
No. It's a shame the Froggies didn't get it.

Bravo Bravo, you should add a poll.
Not a chance, besides I hope to revisit Asia again roughly over that crazy period..
If any of the cowardly twats amongst you have tickets you aren't using, I'll happily have them.

Oh - you didn't have tickets? So it's just a bit of whinging sour grapes then is it?


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I have tickets for the oylmpics - regardless of the politics im taking the little one along
If any of the cowardly twats amongst you have tickets you aren't using, I'll happily have them.

Oh - you didn't have tickets? So it's just a bit of whinging sour grapes then is it?
It might be more relevant to ask if we'd wanted tickets before having a go. No I don't want tickets as I've thought it stupid to even try to get the games here when we, as a country, are stony broke and massively in debt as it is.
Even if I'd wanted to go, the price of admission alone is a joke; not to mention the travelling costs, the price of food and drink and the sheer logistics of trying to get to London at that time.
No, quite definitely not!
We worked out that (if we had tickets, which we do not) just to get my family down there and stay for two nights would set us back over £500. So stuff it, we're watching it on TV. The olympics is like the Millenium Dome again. Hugely expensive, over budget and with almost zero chance of anyone else in the rest of the country who helped pay for it all getting to actually see it for real.
There will be an awful lot of squaddies attending [stagging on] whether they like it or not .....
My chance hopefully to get cheap flights to Australia and NZ to see the kids whilst it is on.
With thousands of free ticketed best seats earmarked for the great and the good being paid for out of my taxes and as alluded too in previous posts an expensive 2 week junket that is all about money and corruption .... I'm giving it a miss.


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And the Lord Coe ego train and, more importantly for him, the gravy train goes on with the World Athletics competition in a few years (someone can put in the date as I have forgotten it) after the Olympics.

When is Britain going to stop pandering to Coe and his Coe-terie(see wot I done there? :) )
Er, I'm not going. I work in London, live in London and have to let at least 2 Central Line trains go through me nearest station between 0730 and 0900 most weekdays as they are faaaaarrrr to full to let tax paying London residents on them. All these peeps will still have to go to work, in these same weeks pending a bit of legislation that says they do not have to and still get paid.
If I did want to go and got time off, and public transport was up to it how many UK residents got any chance of tickets after corporate sponsorship got a good hold of it all?

Crack on, you know where most of the tax paying indiginous popolution willl be, abroad mainly methinks..................
Just stay upwind of the politicians and any wind drift and there will be no probs. Who got paid by who for what would be my one and only question in the tendering, bidding, building and subsequent PFI (inevitably) robbing 50 year contract partnership? Any takers?
I'm sure you will be safe.
I'll be on duty, unlike you, you civvie wretch.

As amusing as your picture is, you'd have been better off saving it when it can be used with relevance.

Works that way.

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