Would you give up £16m to help Gordon Brown?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by flamingo, Feb 27, 2009.

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  3. It would be the moraly right thing to do

  1. OK, todays question is:

    If yolu were a greedy but incompetent b(w)anker would you give up £16 000 000 just to help out Gordon Brown politically? (Honest answers please)
  2. Perhaps if he had asked me nicely when we did the deal six months ago, but not now after we did a deal and now he is only kicking up a fuss because the public has found out Gordon cocked it up again.
  3. There is a perfectly good arguement to be made for him to give up his pension. He oversaw the bank risking going down the pan.
    I just trust EVERY politician who argues for it backs it up by forgoing THEIR pension as they are overseeing the country risking going down the pan.
  4. Depends. If it was shareholder's cash and I was getting a 'K' or a 'P' in return plus a lucrative seat on a qango then hell yes. It would be my patriotic duty to bung Britain's most successful unelected PM 16 million quid. Should I just make the cheque payable to 'Cash' Gordon?

    If we're talking about my own bonus/pension then the one eyed Scottish idiot can bugger off.

    Assuming we're talking about the bonus/pension fiasco, Brown and Darling have shown themselves to be fools of the first order. Spending tens of billions of pounds to buy banks in the form of non voting preference shares and thus having no control whatsoever over the company that you now own borders on criminal negligence.

    It would have been better to let these banks go belly up then arrange an immediate takeover by a new company. Make all the b(w)ankers reapply for their old jobs in the new company, without the bonuses and pensions.
  5. I think this about sums up my thoughts on the sorry state of affairs:

  6. When cabinet ministers start to see the contradictions in their actions vis a vis allowances.

    I might consider giving up a little bit.

  7. How can a pension of £57,750 PER CALENDAR MONTH ever be justified for anyone? Dropped a bollock there, Cyclops. (Again)
  8. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Things to do if one had all that money:

    1. Donate large wodge to NuLabour and collect peerage

    2. Pay large number of people to parade around London in sandwich boards with 'Balls to Gordon Mugabe' written on them

    3. Buy elegant secluded property somewhere abroad and sell up completely in UK so that HMRC cannot benefit

    4. Give it all anonymously to RBL and NSPCC and say NOTHING about doing that

    5. Put it all on a horse

    Further proposals welcome.
  9. Sadly, peerages are no longer for sale after the persecution of dear Tony. How about a job as Director of Public Prosecutions? No law degree? No problem.

    That would constitute a serious terrorist incident in the capital. Not only would your employees get stopped, searched and nicked but you could expect a 3am visit from the anti-terrorist squad, as they're finished beating a confession out of Damien Green.

    Gordon would also invoke the Civil Contingencies Act to delay the next election until the day after hell freezes over.

    Dream on. Having 'persuaded' small countries like Luxembourg and the Channel Islands to 'share their data' on UK tax exiles, Gordon now has his sights set on Switzerland.

    With all that Nazi gold still gathering dust in Swiss bank vaults a total land/air blockade by the EU is fully justified until the evil, fascist Swiss cough up. Gotta fund those bankers' pensions with something dontcha know.

    As soon as the Charity Commission finds out, you'll be demented by phone calls and home visits by Lord Levy who'll be soliciting donations for the party.

    Make sure you use an offshore, internet bookie else Gordon will have his cut.

    Have you thought of hiring a hit man? Just a thought. Not that I'd be inciting you to murder any one eyed Scottish idiots or anything like that.
  10. Does that include his noble sacrifice in foregoing his share entitlement in favour of hard cash now that the bank he used to run is tanking in the stock Market?

    Ultimately, he can't be legally forced to give it up as his employer agreed to the terms of his leaving. Ultimately, the government can legally demand the bailout cash back from that same employer. Lets see if the cunts still think life is so peachy once everybody starts to exercise their legal prerogatives.
  11. Does gordon brown realy get involved in that level of detail?

    Talk about Micro Management!!

  12. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Having read the letter on the 'Order-Order' link (a few posts above), and also seeing what a mahoosive pension Prescott spammed from us for doing feck all, I think the man is entitled to hang on to it - at least until the Government agree to refuse their own pensions as well, which I find unlikely, money-grubbing expense-fiddlers that they mostly are.

    I also can't imagine that we took any pension away from Gen Percival, or any other great military failures, after all!