Would you? Freshers Fanny

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by gdm.bizkit, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. Seriously love this time of year... Went a drive about town with the lads last night and the fanny at freshers events is ridiculous....

    So S Club are playing in a local nightclub, Id rather chew my own arm off than listen to them... But... The freshers fanny will be unbelievable..

    So do you go and put up with listening to S Club and get a right good perv at the fanny. Or do you not put yourself through that?
  2. Get stuck in.
  3. Naw, they are only children with tits.
  4. ill be there in a shot.

    fresh grass to play on ;-)
  5. Spare ticket by chance?
  6. Students are the filth that we dream of. The few months I spent at uni opened my eyes to this. Drinking and shagging seemed to take up more time than lectures and studying...

    and they're not kids with tits. If they're old enough to bleed they're old enough to butcher ;)
  7. Ye can pay on the door.... ;)

    You wanting the fanny or teh S Club ;) haha!
  8. ALL OF IT!!!
  9. urm i think i'll stick with the fanny mit ear deaf!!
  10. update on fresher fanny, i had a wander around headingley in leeds today, checking out the new talent. Feck me it was awesome.
  11. Are you for fecking real?- I'd watch S Club Juniors if it meant cheap union beer and sweaty teen flange. Indeed, I'd probably do them into the bargain. I like the more mature pubescent.
  12. well done fried eggs all round then?
  13. I saw the freshers fanny in Nottingham when went for a few drinks with a bird, I think she noticed me looking out the window at them all going by.
  14. i'd just leave her in the bar mate and follow em
  15. Ear defenders are an option, or deafness.

    Ear plugs in, eyes open, watch and perv !