Would you fire this?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by No.9, Dec 1, 2006.

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  1. Well, would you? 8O

    A cut-down Enfield (understatement, what), with a modified EY launcher for a No.36 Mills.

    I came across this, indirectly, on some gaming/fan site where one member is advising another about ‘props’ (?) for Star Wars?

    See poster ‘silian’

    Err……no I would not. You can if you want and I don’t mind watching – through field glasses. Shame they spoilt an EY though. :(

  2. -Sure, Just let tie this 50ft piece of shroud line to the trigger first :p
  3. Considering the immense strength of the Lee Enfield's bolt and breech, it's probably quite safe to fire, although the recoil on the palm of your hand would be a bitch. How much use as a grenade projector it would be is debatable as the cordite propellant in the cartridge would have a reduced burn time in the shortened barrel, thus reducing the force applied to the grenade. But yeah, I'd give it a go. I've fired worse!
  4. Are you sure its not off an Armoured vehicle as they had these fitted on matilda's etc might have been a variation?
  5. I would think you would rest the "butt" on the ground and fire it like a mortar - but why not use a mortar?


    Ex STAB
  6. I remember being told by my History teacher at school about a small WW2 Japanese mortar (akin to our 2"/51mm) that had a curved base-plate. Allegedly many Japanese soldiers thought that this was to sit snugly on the bent thigh for firing from the kneeling position - an assumption that (again allegedly) had catastrophic results.

    EX-STAB's post just jogged my memory. I know it's at a tangent to the thread, but is anyone in a position to confirm or deny? Always risky putting a good story to the truth test....
  7. The system as shown is a non-starter for hand firing - Having fired Energa grenades off a No 4 (don't ask..!) I can assure you that the illustrated solution would not work!

    The discharger argument is a possibility, this is how it was done on early AFVs firing 80 grenades, however....

    My main suspision is that it is an early Star Wars propgun... If you remember the original star wars episode used a lot of hacked about de-acts such as sterlings with singlepoint sights etc. I seems to recall the creatures on the big elephant things had some sort of weapon made up from hacked enfields. remember that this film was made in the UK and there was a load of stuff being ditched from Donnington around this time..

    (excuse poor use of Star Wars terms , but I ain't THAT sort of an anorak!)
  8. I think HE117's right now I've looked up the thread in the first post.

    I'd still fire it but only mortar stylee.


    Ex STAB
  9. Look you are all wrong, that is a REAL weapon and I recieved training on it whilst attending 49 PARA selection. Each "Viper" team carried at least one of them, its called a .80 WalthenBuster SFV (Special Forces Version)
  10. I think brettarider is right if you look at bottom left there is a lifting eye and the whole contraption seems to be held in a bracket. proberbly a prototype smoke grenade discharger?
  11. Wellyhead
    Don't you realise that I only suggested the Star Wars thing as a smokescreen for OPSEC?

    One of the prop armourers must have had some 49 PARA background and copied it.


    Ex STAB
  12. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Being a total saddo anorak I seem to remember that the Jawas in the original Star Wars used some sort of weapon which was made with the enfield discharger cup as the muzzle. Plus a british No3 rifle grenade being used as the basis for Obi Wans' light sabre and of course the numerous P03 bandoliers and earlier Boer war type hacked up for other props.


  13. I have a smeaking suspicion that whoever made this couldn't get their hands on a mortar... I'd really like to hear about its history.

    (anyone remember the Energa? - a pointy grenade to fit on a .303 and used with a (black) ballistite blank cartridge - you put the butt in the ground otherwise prepare to watch your 2 butts meet - and this was General Service not just for 49 Para)
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    It was a smoke/36 grenade discharger for vehicles based on very worn EY smle and earlier modles. There are examples in the Lee Enfield Story By Ian Skennerton. I believe the Marmot Harrington Armoured Car had them but I'm sure some donkey driving Yeoman will put us right!
    Page 358 shows a 2 1/2 " smoke discharger for Armoured vehicles and its from the NAA in chelsea!
  15. I remember SMGs for the Stormtroopers (didn't they have an MG42 in ESB?), Broomhandle Mauser with bit stuck on the muzzle for Solo, maybe a chopped up Lewis LMG a Walther I think for Leia at some point... damn I'm going to have to watch them again with anorak on.