Would you feel like fighting after being Tasered?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by alib, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. I would be somewhat irrate

  2. I would be chastened

  3. I would have soiled myself

  1. Hellinahandbasket is a blog run by a bloke who runs in his spare time a charity for the victims of violent crime. He teaches them to avoid repeating the experience primarily by shooting their aggressor several times. Most of those he helps are dirt poor and living in fear. It is creditable work.

    Anyway he also offers advice on using something less lethal than a 12 Bore or a .357. In Not Really Stunned he's skeptical about the Taser.
    He links to an amusing vid of a nerd getting Tasered here.
    A reader comments:
    Sounds like a nice way to pass the evening. But if you were on the other end would it have got your gander up?
  2. A better question would be:
    Have you ever been tasered? Did you feel like fighting afterwards?

    If you haven't had first hand experience, you are liable to swamped by the same sort or person who will maintain that getting shot by 5.56mm is like being hit with a rolled-up newspaper.
  3. A sparky mate was hit in Leeds by the boys in blue twice and it still took four porkers to nick him with fists a flaying.His theory being the more shocks you have had the more you resist because the body retains the current .This bloke rewires live with his teeth. 8O 8O .
  4. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Ive got to agree with him,Tasers are of use in certain limited circumstances but they are not the answer certain people think they are. I see it at work all the time an awful lot of people (Including our hierarchy) seem to think that they are the golden bullet,the answer to violent crime. They are not foolproof they need careful and considered application and they are quite often ineffectual against persons with a positive mindset(ie ready to deal with the barbs) or under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
    I think that it just means that you will get a lot of less confident Officers hiding behind them and using them at the drop of a hat before they have even tried to talk to the person. It will only be a matter of time before some twat takes one off an 8 stone bobby and turns it on them or just buggers off with it.
    Their wider introduction scares me as i can already see the reliance many of the "student" officers (cant call them Probies anymore) place on their spray and batons.
  5. precisely.If they just said get in the van cnut your nicked.Then filled him in at Millgarth it would have saved a lot of bad blood. :wink:
  6. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    The old ways are often the best. :D
  7. Oh by Jingo they are.I agree about tasers falling into the wrong hands though seeing some of the sloppy drills the Broon shirts have displayed in these new times. :roll:
  8. About soiling yourself...

    See 2:25, and this was only a drive stun, not a solid hit with separated probes and a long ride on the lightning.

    Steve knows his rights...

    I would rather be tasered than maced. Once the taser is off, so is the pain. Mace is miserable, especially when you get into the shower and get the whole joyous experience again. :x
  9. I'm the fellow who wrote the original essay, and I thank you kindly for the link.

    So far as being tased is concerned, I've had it done to me just to see what it was like. It isn't what I would call a happy experience, but it also isn't what I would consider gawd-awful. Uncomfortable is more like it.

    The shock causes you to lose motor control via your muscles violently contracting, and they stay that way while the juice is applied. The screaming is usually from people who become terrified when they lose control of their body, which can be scary. Police here in the United States rely on that reaction to force compliance. "Get with the program or get another jolt!"

    So far as soiling yourself is concerned, don't forget that you are going to clench. If you have to go anyway, then something might shoot out. Farting is common, for example.

    While one can usually rely on a taser to stop someone from continuing what they are doing when the electricity is applied, any reasonably fit person will feel little more than sore from the muscle contraction when the juice is shut off. If they are inclined to violence then they tend to be a might peeved when they can move once more, and aching to put the hurt on whoever hurt them.

    As a last note, I agree completely with DDart when they say that they would rather be tased than maced, and for the same reasons given.