Would you employ this chubber?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sunnoficarus, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. If she the best candidate for the job, why not?
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  2. No because she wouldn't fit through the damn doors! She'd have to use the 3m roller door in the warehouse!
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  3. She wouldnt be able to work in any office/call centre type environment as there is no way she would be able to fit into a normal office chair.

    As this is the NAAFI - Fucking fat bitch..... But i'd still do her.
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  4. "As a single mother claiming benefits, Jay Cole says she is doing everything she can to get a job".
    This obviously doesn't include losing some weight.
    Isn't employing somebody who is morbidly(?) obese likely to bring with it any number of "problems"

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  5. Hey, is that everybody's favourite RMAS attendee, Apprentice strop-off, Jungle inhabitant, and Celeb wannabe Katie Hopkins on the sofa with her?

    I bet she was giving her some really helpful advice, yeah.
  6. One of the problems for an employer is whether the person is physicaly able to do the job. Reasonable adjustments is the phrase here. She says she's 22 stone I think it may be more, so chairs such as this:


    may be needed at a lot of cost. if not the weight thing there is always the actuall size of the person, extra wide seating is available but at cost. Now there is such a thing as the Equality Act 2000 which covers disability but weight is not a disability as it does not have a permanace about it, so an employer can take one lok and say no thank you, you are going to cost me too much.
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  7. Well she's got fat because she's lazy so the employers have a point! You don't get like that if you're an active, motivated individual
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  8. If they decide to remake Raiders of the Lost Arc she's a shoe-in for the boulders stunt double.
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  9. ...should never have disbanded the WRAC...

    ...I suppose there's still the RAF, though...
  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    If only there was an online version of the Daily Mail. Then Elvis would not be alone on the moon.
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  11. And another thing… how does something that bloated wipe it's arse?
    Or does it get someone to jet was out the asscrack once a week?
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  12. On a serious note, no I wouldn't. My reasons for not are because I feel that she would have health issues and thus want/need more days off sick then a normal employee, she would break whatever she sits on, she would only be able to do a job that involves being at a desk and she is pretty gopping which would put customers off. All those reasons would cost the company money and as such it would not be cost effective to employ the munter.
  13. Perhaps she's just "big boned"
  14. She has one of those fish that likes to eat bits off your feet swimming round her folds, but in her case instead of eating bits off her feet, it eats the shit out of her arse crack.....or is that arse cracks.