Would you employ a Stab?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. Serious question.

    I'm aiming this at the smaller employer, not intergalactic pan mega corporations.

    If you had a headcount of under say, 20, would you employ a TA soldier knowing there is the possibility of them going away for a year*?


    * Not me, obviously.
  2. No of course not.
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  3. I have, nice bloke and good fitter, I would have been happy to let him go on tour but couldn't have guaranteed employment at a later date, SaBRE could have waved their sword at me all they liked, I just could not have guaranteed it. He also took the piss by taking an early dart some Fridays and taking the odd Monday off. I can only assume this was TA related and he was the first to tick when the trackers went into the vans and a book on/book off system was introduced, he'd been in the TA for years and hadn't deployed so I was not overly worried about him ******* off.
  4. I work for a relatively small engineering company. When i went away in 2007 we were approx 30 strong and i was in a junior role. I believe i was missed but it didnt kill the company as two temps were brought in to help cover my role. Now we are 50-60 strong and im in a much more pivotal position. If / when I go away again, this time my absence will be much stronger felt and will seriously inhibit the company. I cannot imagine my company allowing me to leave easily and will fight the MOD to keep me. Personally if i was a director of a small company or responsible for hiring i would think twice about taking on a TA soldier as i would (dare i say it) a woman of child bearing age. I think there are a lot of positives brought about by having members of staff with a TA background, but for a small company to lose a key member of staff for a year could seriously impact the performance of that company. However it is no different to a woman going on maternity leave, so considerations would be similar on both counts.
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  5. Why would you want to employ someone that may ask for a year off to do a second job?

    Might be worth checking a poll on this BB?
  6. "I think there are a lot of positives brought about by having members of staff with a TA background"

    Such as.....?
  7. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    We've got a few here, it's a massive ball ache when one fucks off for a year and we can't get temps for this particular role.

    I worked out that with one man down, we lose the ability to manufacture 2 units in that year.

    Now each unit has an average sale price of £100,000, with an average mark up of around 40%, we can deduct the employees salary and NI payments for that year which is around £35,000.

    So in very basic terms this means we lose £45,000 in that year.

  8. The same traits that make regular soldiers desireable to civillian employers... Punctual, mature, presentable, respectful, can follow instructions, problemsolving, adaptable, decisive, ability to stand up in front of others and speak, leadership skills, etc. etc.

    And dont start with the STAB bashing, its boring!
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  9. Sure. Owning and operating a small company is childs play, if, indeed when, they need an extra pair of hands to help the already put upon hard pressed and dedicated (also known by name, overstretched) workforce, because that's what it is when you work for a small company, the obvious choice for the headshed is to employ someone who isn't going to be around to help.....not.

    TA soldiers...soldiers.... ex or serving are a real asset for a small company because of the work ethics they have, however what's the point of employing someone who's going to fcuk of in 2 months time? Being patriotic or doing the right thing is just fine, however the Government through the revenue etc doesn't make it worth your while to employ a squaddie over a civvy so why bother?
  10. I don't think many small companies in these straitened times can afford to subsidise the war effort, by employing a sub to cover for the bloke who you actually wanted for the job.

    We had a few people leave when TA membership needed to be declared.

    Shooting yourself in the foot is a govt/CS norm, with the regs its retention, with the TA it is recruiting in the first place.

    Years back the north was full of ORs; because there was little work, you could boost your dole and make contacts. In the south it was ruperts who were plenty, they had jobs where they could take time off, the OR side of life had jobs but little chance of time off for TA commitments. BT was an exception!
  11. I'm not in a position to but I would. I think the positives that they bring outweigh the negatives. Hopefully we could both go into it with open eyes and a bit of forward planning to benefit us both. This is hypothetical though.
  12. My dad only used to employ people who were ex regulars or reservists (TA, RMR or RNR) wouldn't touch a pure civvi unless it was a woman to make the tea and she would have to have particularly nice legs. Of the employees perhaps half of the 250 or so were reservists.

    But he went bankrupt then died years ago.

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  13. At least with a TA soldier you know when they are going and when they are coming back. Similarly with women of childbearing age you should get a bit of notice too. When I worked in a Tax Office we used to run a sweep on who would declare themselves pregnant next. One of the Inspectors always did well because he could see the door to women's bogs from his desk and used to keep a mental log of how frequently they went and whether they had a handbag or not. 2-3 months without a bag = no blob = pregnant!

    When I was in work as a STAB I don't recall skiving off early on Friday or phoning in sick on Mondays. I probably did when I was a student but I was only cheating myself when I did.

    Plenty of people have the odd sicky. I don't condone it (not been off sick since 2003) but I suspect STABS are no worse than anyone else in that respect.

    It's those with a propensity for regular sickness or the long term sick that I would be more worried by. Unpredictable and genuine leeches on both employer and colleagues who all have to work harder in their absence.

    And they, unlike the weekend warrior who will be funded by HMG, will still be drawing pay.
  14. Not only would I not employ a STAB, I would not employ young married females. I would not employ anyone who turned up for interview with scuffed shoes or anyone who couldnt speak proper English. Anyone who showed the remotest indication of being a member of that peaceful religion would be shown the door as would anyone who had ever been a member of a trade union.

    I would hapily employ the correct quota of severely tanned individuals - someone has to clean the bogs after all.
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  15. Truthfully, probably not. In my line of business, consultancy, it's not easy to find a temporary replacement and the compensation from MoD comes nowhere near making up the shortfall in having a missing fee-earner.