Would you eat it?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by devilish, Oct 26, 2005.

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  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Depends on which flavour

  4. Only if I was starving

  1. I was going about my usual routine today and decided to feed the mutt. He usually just gets the scraps and left overs from the table but over the last day or so the family have been enjoying the hearty meals that Mrs D has been providing so alas the poor mutt was starving.
    On opening the tin of dog meat (chicken and game in gravy), I realised that it did indeed smell and look delicious. Sooo I decide to try some. And would you believe it? It tasted totally fcuckin' awful! I very nearly pucked.

    Has any of our resident arrse readers ever eaten dog food or any other pet food for that matter. If so what was your experience of it and was it what you expected?

    A true example of "It does NOT DO exactly what it says on the tin".
  2. Cat food, drunken stupor, closed kebab shop................................not good!!
  3. It doesn't taste too bad really - it has consistency and suitable 'chunkiness' - but the smell alone is truly awful.
  4. Funny that, it was the smell that got me going in the first place...
  5. Cant be any worse than a pot noodle..
  6. My Biatch just LURRRVVVVSSSS chicken & tripe, however i don't think i will be trying it any time soon.
    :( :( :( :( :(

    Oh yes it stinks to high heaven.
  7. Whats wrong with eating dog food? As a treat, if I'm good, I also get a box of Shapes. The black ones are my favourite as they stop you farting.

    Nowt wrong with a good old chewing stick if you are stuck for proper scran.
  8. Would try it but probably only if i was starving

    Always throught that rat pack pate was cat food :lol:
  9. I have a fetish for eating my dog out if that counts... and i know MDN has snorted the remains of one.
  10. Actually, the 'snack element' of ORP (or the pate and biscuits brown in other words) contains nearly all the simple carbs and trace chemicals that we need to operate.

    Pet food is just recyled horses.

    Note: I apologise for paying attention in lectures this morning... ;)
  11. i'd much rather scoff into cat food than rat pack pate, that's just reconstituted evil.
  12. Dunno about eating dog food , but a mate who was one of THEM would regularly boast about eating a dog. Dachshund in Germany.
  13. Furthermore, would you eat this?

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  14. This reminds me of a couple of years ago I was working at a factory and they had their own eating room/Canteen/kitchen. Went shopping on a lunch break with one of the girls from another dept. Bought amongst other stuff a tin of Felix liver & Chicken cat food.

    When I got back to the canteen, I removed the label, pulled the lid off the tin and put a piece of polythene over the top. And put it in the communal fridge.

    Low and behold lunchtime the next day, I did myself a couple of rounds of toast, opened the tin and began spreading the cat food onto the toast.

    One guy said to me "Is that a tin of army rations?" Yeah, I said, it's Ratpack Pate. "Cor" he said "Can I try some?" I duly obliged and cut a finger of toast and "PATE." Soon the whole canteen was eating the Pate.

    That afternoon, the girl I'd been to the shops with opened the fridge and said out loud "Will you please take your catfood home it's mingin the fridge out!

    The "samplers" heard.... I was in deep sh1t. :lol:
  15. As long as she has had a wash and returns the favour whistler. She loosks as if she would eat anything!!