Would you do it for £70??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tmsbry, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. So would you shag fat Heather from Eastenders for 70 quid

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  2. 70 and a six pack?
  3. Being a sapper I have of course standards lower than the average sewer rat so.....

    Not even with feckin yours fella :D
  4. I'd do it for a tenner.
  5. donkey punch perhaps..........she may be round but she would still swallow
  6. Are you kidding? Sh*ts and Giggles mate!
  7. Why not? You could tell her to close her eyes and open her mouth, whilst playing classical music. She'll be thinking that you're about to slip your cock in, when in reality you'll be pulling your cheeks apart and slowly curling one down into her gob, smearing a little bit on the edge of her lip as your aim goes awry.

    Now think of the eyes of terror as her mouth clamps down in reflex.

  8. Not a f uckin chance........... I just would not be able to get wood :pukel:

    I could fist her for the £70 :D
  9. Would i get my 'celebrity wings'?

    If so, then, yes
  10. I'd do it for a 10 pfg bet :D
  11. Probably, but then I'd fcuk a spider if I knew which leg to lift up.
  12. Would I do her for £70? Does the bear sh1t in the fcuking woods?
  13. I've done it for nought :wink:
  14. Depends on how much crack i had imbibed.