Would you do it again?


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OK - lots of whinging goes on but if you could rewind back to 18 yr old, would you join up again, but joining TODAYS army?  Truthful answers now!


Would probably do some of it but not all of it again!! I would probably join up do 3 to 6 years and then start a lifelong career and not one that you have to leave when you are at your peak.


I would definitely do it again, for even less money, more crap kit, more sh it postings and no promotion. Sorry, where am I, is it time for my medication...........what are those things you are attaching to my temples??.......what do you mean electricity..........Ohhhh!!
Red rag to a bull time.  

Yes, without a doubt.  If you've hated it so much then you either haven't got off your arrse and made the most of it, haven't got the personality to make a lifetime's worth of friends or you should have left earlier.  

Yes, there's loads of problems, particularly regarding disruption, but when that gets too much, leave.  

There are no excuses for not gaining from the Army - you get more training than most civis get in a lifetime, you can turn round and apply for any number of career changes without putting your job at risk (aircrew, SF, dogs etc), there's free education to be had within reach of almost all postings  blah blah blah.  

Adv trg and sport are fading in to things of the past for many units, but the opportunities are still there if you badger people enough or are willing to get organising.

If any of this applies to you then I suggest you phone up your education centre, courses clerk, gym, boss and start doing something about it.
And another thing!:

'Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier' - Samuel Johnson

Would you if you'd become a (insert a crap job) instead?

Yes, and plenty of your civi friends do.
Too right but maybe not at 16 again.

If you dont like it get out and free up your slot for someone who gives a rats as*


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yes but might listen to advice this time and join med services either QA or RAMC from word go.


Engineers sound good, can do anything from cutting wood to precision demolitions. Plus building the Bar is top priority. ;)


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I'd join again.

Probably come in as a Lawyer though.  A couple of years away from the cut and thrust of Civ Div would be nice.

Either that or I'd join as a Woman.  Live up to the lowest expectations possible, loaf about with a sick chit, carry half the weight of any bloke (or get them to carry it for me), get paid whilst up the duff, nail my SNCOs AND get my tits done for free!


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Every time, Blue!

But my ADC is a girl, so its OK!