Would you do "her"?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by YANK60, Oct 9, 2009.

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  1. [​IMG]

    If you were 15 beers under, with 4 inch-thick beer goggles and didn't know this was a 16 year-old tranny, would you hit on this? Or, better yet, if you did know. :twisted:
  2. If it breathes and has a pulse then yes, why not?.
  3. Ive had worse.
  4. hell yeah!
  5. I can't believe you've been on this site since 2004 and have to ask that question......

    Whats making me think no............. its the 16 yo bit
  6. Looks like a cross between Phoebe Cates and Kirsty Allsop
  7. Had 'em both. Kirsty cooks the better breakfast :WINK:
  8. Like a rat up a drainpipe

    You would do anything ... you've even tried to fcuk me and are now hanging out of a ginger, straberry blond my arrse
  9. In a heart beat
  10. Yeah, I know you're a twisted bunch, but...I guess I needed some feedback of some sort. Because, 16 and tranny or not, I'm having some impure thoughts. I'm straight, mind you, but...DAMN!!! This heshe was on CNN last night, because he-she-it was outraged after being expelled from, get this...North Cobb High School near Atlanta. It seems "he" was using the girl's bathroom, because "I didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable." And part of the reason he was booted was that guys were fighting over "her". I guess they wanted to give him some "South Cobb" over at "North Cobb". 8O
  11. All the way to my ball bags.
  12. If it's female and has a pulse I'd do it. Oh! and both of those are optional :twisted:
  13. I try to make a point of not shagging anything that might lead to my testicles slapping against another pair. No matter how pretty it might be.
  14. What a wimp.
  15. You like them younger?