Would you divert your C/S to help out PMCs?

Whats the score here; if you're out and hear that some PNCs are in trouble and need some help pronoto, would you help them out?

One one hand, they are not Military; on the other, they're supporting the main effort.

To complicate, some of them migh be ex British Army.

A moral dilemma beyond my experience...

What is your mission?

Will this activity compromise the mission?

Not much of a problem.
Say its on the way back from a mission; you have kit, ammo etc.
In Iraq, Ageis had a desk in the Ops rm that acted as a SA node or blue force tracker cell for the legit and registered PMCs operating within our battle space. Did they go to strange places, yes, did they get spanked and suffer IED strikes yes. Did we aid them, yes if it possible, but they operate with the understanding that large tax free pay packets mean they have no confirmed CASEVAC or ARF waiting to come get them, unless they were in an AO that was covered by Blackwater who supplied an ARF over areas like Baghdad.

In AFG the only real way you will now if they are in trouble is from an Ops rm radio call, in which case direction will come from BG/Bde COS. Most of the Western PMC are supporting the Gov and Dev LOO's and are protecting NGO's so potentially that direction is going to be go get them.
Without a question, Yes. As you say most are ex squaddies just trying to get paid better that what the army pay. Also if your heading back and you have nothing on, it would be hard to say no. I would feel like a right shit head if i go back to camp and heard 11 guys are dead that you could have helped.
I had to get one out of the bar once before he made a right tit of himself, luckily for him the RSM only found out about it many moons later.....
I know a lad who worked for Aegis who said the AS90s in the base in Basrah (COBE?) were used to aide an extraction, this was the same lad though who told me once jumped squares with 'them' in Pau and they asked him to join straight up, buffoon that he is
Judging by most of the views expressed on the recent thread about digging ex pats out of Lybia it would depend entirely on their tax status.

If they could prove they were up to date with their UK taxes then a grudging hand may be offered.

If they are unable to produce, at the time of the contact, a book full of paid up Nat Insurance stamps then it'll be **** you, Jack.
Know someone who was involved in extracting a pmc call sign in Iraq.Their was a marked reluctance to go to their aid mostly due to
some pmc's going on about how much money they were earning.I guess you would go it would be like going to the rescue of mps or
raf movers.Has to be done ,but,not exactly the highlight of your day.
PMCs are only filling the void created because US/UK gubmints now try to fight wars using only about a tenth of the resources necessary to do the job (based on clear historical precedence...). As PMCs - cr*p ones aside - are generally helping to provide the security conditions to normalise the backward dump in question, they ought to be supported where possible.
I remember when two of Olive's guys got killed \ IED coming back from the Airport in Telic4, their companions did report that one UK c/s drove past them without stopping. This was very badly thought of by all levels.


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I imagine there's scope for the sponsoring PMC to come to a financial arrangement with US/UK/other forces to obtain that sort of cover. If they want it to be a business, let it be a business - perhaps make sure it's in the original contract, if they're operating directly for HMG or agencies thereof. Don't think it's entirely reasonable on the PMC's behalf to assume they'll be covered/supported/extracted - although I guess most folk will do what they can for them if at all possible.

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