Would you cross a Police picket line?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by frenchperson, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. Yes. And I do not sympathise with them

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  2. Yes. And I do sympathise with them

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  3. NO. And I do not sympathise with them

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  4. NO. And I do sympathise with them

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  5. NO. I would NEVER cross a picket line. Full stop.

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  6. YES. It is NOT a picket line if the filth are standing on it

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  1. The police may soon vote in favour of the law being changed, allowing them to strike in future. Assuming they get their way (!) how would you respond if you were going about your lawful business and needed to cross a picket line full of disgruntled bobbies to carry on going about your lawful business?
  2. What a daft fcuking question you cheese eating surrender monkey.
  3. More to the point, would it be a lawful order, if so - yes I would cross the picket line. If not, I would have to cross that bridge when I come to that flyover.


    Edited to add: Thinking about it a bit more I almost certainly would do it. Oh, and you are really quite tedious.
  4. Cops should not join if they are not ready to do the job.
    Cant hold the country to ransome
  5. Let's hope it comes to pass then. Also, let's hope your intellect can muster up something a tad more original. It's a bit careworn, passe, anodyne and cliched that one.
  6. The police on strike would be acting illegally therefore no problem in crossing a picket line.

    Come to think of it never had a problem crossing any picket line legal or illegal. People want to strike it is their right. People want to ignore them striking it is also their right.
  7. This thread is a LOFB - the question has been ground to death already - search the threads.

    Fcuk off Froglais.
  8. And the government should not go back on their word to backdate the Police payrise. The Police, unlike the Fire Service, Nurses et al do not have the right to strike.
    It is the lying, cheating, scum of the earth Labour government who has created this, not the Police.

  9. The careworn, passe, anodyne cliches wont change because you're a dullard, you pseudo intellectual spackhanded felchturd.
  10. Oh no, please. Not the pseudo intellectual spackhanded felchturd again. It's been done to death.

  11. And will continue until you are done to death.
  12. The reason that Flash makes that sweeping statement is that you are a foreign cheese eating and surrender monkey turd of the first order. And as stated by fellow arrsers totally not liked and possibly a mote on the eye of humanity.

    I leave further comments open to others.

  13. For f*cks sake, why won't you die. PM me your name and address so I can introduce you to some Zyclon B crystals.
  14. Hes probably got some left over from when his parents used to store it for the Jerries.
  15. You don't like me cos I make you think. That's obviously distressing and / or it hurts.

    Just don't make me destroy you.