Would You? Could You?

how many of you would shell out some cash for one of these customized babies?


agreed there's a high initial outlay but amortized over time there's quite the savings in not having to pay for food/drink/conversation..clothes, easy storage, readily available, doesn't bother you when watching sports on TV.. doesn't mind the porn stash, dust bunnies or lack of tidyness in the home...won't ' back seat drive' but lets you use the 2-or more express lanes...doesn't grow fat on chocolates and snacky cakes, doesn't gossip,..etc . etc..

constant silent stare though could get on your nerves..

And, ladies.. they [or the competition ] makes male versions complete with detachable, adjustable 'attachments'.. keep a selection for different moods...

wonder what the bank loan officer would say when you outline your need for some up-front money..some ' lay away ' plan...
come to poppa.
They're well fcuking creepy.. I wonder if they would make up a "Boxing Helena" box set?
The real Stepford Wives.

Can you get them with a vagina mouth?

Seeings how you can build your own up, it would make sense to make a few adjustments to the basic design of a human.
I wonder if they'll do me a special - with false teeth that can be taken out.
I wonder if they do a speaking model with such [phrases as ......

"Oooooooh big boy me love you long time"

"I'm horny, lets fcuk!"

or later on in the "relationship"

"You fat cnut, when are you going to mo the lawn!"

"My Mother was right about you, your just bastard son of a bitch!"

"I wish your brother had ordered me, he has a BMW and hs own house. You looser!"
To digress slightly; I was talking to a guy who had been in the Queens Regiment.

Apparantly there was a blow up doll in the section room at Bassingbourne and toward the end of basic training they each had to shag it as part of an initiation ceremony.

Is/was this a common passtime amongst the men of Queen's Div or was he a solitary aberation given to inflatible fantasies with homoerotic overtones?
Oh, I done bad.. 8O
I have just sent them this e-mail:
Hi Guys

I have just seen your site, and I must say, I simply love your work.
Could you please give me a quote for recreating these two honeys in silicon?

*** *****

Could I have 5 litres of sump capacity please?
bloody hell.


i always knew there was the odd person out there with these dolls. but i never knew how serious it was.

3,000 people with their rubber companions.

And that guy from dorset needs to buy a mail order bride

way cheaper, and they actually have a voice box
You have to shake your head and wonder at how many losers with loads of cash there must be out there for this company to stay in business..but, the guys I feel most sorry for are the workers in the plant.. imagine what your wife and kids must feel like when you tell them what you do for a living..
" My dad is a fighter pilot!"
"My dad is a stock broker"
-" Um - my dad makes f*ck buddies in plastic "

[ must have had one great pick-up line to land a babe at a bar when they get to talking jobs..]
" Hi, I'm just taking measurements for my job, you mind if I squeeze your boobs? "

woe betide the guy who brings some work home for the evening..
" Sorry, sweetums, can't go to your mothers tonight, got to adjust these size 36DD's for a customer "

does the plant ' quality control examiner ' have his own room?

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