Would you buy a used car from this woman?

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by error_unknown, Jul 1, 2003.

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  1. Vectra Estate Sri  2.6   v6
    Reg 51   Jan 2002

    Taxed till Sept 2003

    Full Dealer Service History

    2 brand new tyres last monday, and new velour floor mats  £400 in total

    24k miles,   A/Con, on board computer, 1/2 leather seats


    South Coast
  2. blondebint,
    You missed the most important piece of info - what colour is it?  ;D

    I think I'll stick with my BEEMER.  :p
  3. [​IMG] Moonstone Grey ;D
  4. Wasn't that on somebody elses driveway the other day? ;D
  5. Damn :-/ you saw me :-[
    I was only collecting something..I didn't stay the night ..honest  ;)
  6. Does the purchaser get to try the reclining seats? ;D
  7. Not going to get very far with just 2 new tyres!!
  8. £400 for two tyres and a set of floor mats!!!! Do you go to Harrods for spares?
  9. Selling it for a mate with more money than sense ::)
    ..It wasn't that long ago I was buying  cars for £400 :p
    Apparently the asking price is low and he's only selling it to buy another new toy.
  10. Still available..come on ...you know you need to upgrade :wink: