Would you buy a firearm?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by crabby, May 23, 2006.

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  1. In the past (not so much at the moment) the issue of the laws governing firearms have been discussed.

    If these laws were relaxed would you buy and own a weapon? Would it be for sporting purposes or protection of yourself (and family)?

    Should any firearms still be banned; ie. handguns because they're easily concealed, automatic weapons due to rate of fire, high velocity weapons (5.56 nato, 7.62 nato, any sniper rifle calibre)?

    Reckon it would reduce our murder rate? Increase? Increased number of firearm accidents? (70% of the police still do not wish to be armed, despite shootings)
  2. No doubt it would reduce crime, I'm sure a burglar would think twice in the certain knowledge he's gonna get a SLR wedged between his teeth......
    Even if he brings his legally held Uzi with him at least its a fair fight
  3. I have to say I'm a complete hypocrite when it comes to guns. I beleive in a modern society like ours there is no reason for civilians to have firearms but if they were legal i'm sure id have something big with a huge rate of fire to take down the range for a quick blat at the weekend.
  4. After spendng my late teens in the States, I think our gun laws are pretty much spot on. Look at the stats for over there, if you own a gun, you are loads more likely to get shot etc. (Lack will to look it all up). Best place for them is locked in the armoury. Plus, I'm far too fecking unstable... :slow:
  5. I think I'm a hypocrite as well - I'd prefer strictest control possible, I wouldn't trust many people with weapons + ammo. Yet I'd like to have something to take down a range at weekends, even an sa-80 to bring back the memories (I'll get some dirtyish ammo in a sandbag, run out of oil and yell "stoppage" at the top of my lungs :))

    If I was to have a weapon I'd have it in really secure storage, seperate from ammo and probably wouldn't keep a weapon in the same house as children. I'd probably not pull a weapon on an intruder, it's raising the stakes a bit high. (wooly, fluffy liberal)

    I'd still have handguns banned though - too easily concealed in public and the "kudos" of carrying a weapon on the street.
  6. I would buy a personal weapon, and maybe more..Since finding out and joining the TA I have had a thirst for weapons like never before not for the purpose of killing or personal protection but for stripping, cleaning and knowing just how they work(in my own time).. I'm in the process of finding a deactivated SA80-A2 So I can get my level of such use up..Way up!

    And I can see myself in the future liking the idea of being able to have my own weapon not only for stripping but also for firing, but I have not got to this stage yet :) I know it would be coming though as it's the next stage of firearms development :) "whats the use of a gun if it does not fire!"

    *Well if anyone knows where abouts I could get a deactivated SA80-A2 and maybe other weapons please get in touch with me :)
  7. I enjoy the sport of shooting and the mechanics of weaponry etc. I like the feel and the weight of them because there is nothing else quite like it.

    But I wouldn't want one in my house. I don't feel the need to have one for protection and anything smaller than a sport rifle could easily be 'reapplied' as a defensive or offensive weapon. I wouldn't feel happy with my neighbours having one either. Hell, I don't even like approaching armed bobbies.

    I think it sort of misses the point of being a police officer in the UK, despite the recent trends.

    Still, I bet parking'd be easier with a gimpy wagging out the back of my car.
  8. On mature reflection I'm sure you are absolutley right (with the exception of Switzerland I think)
    But I'd still do the socially un-aceptable and have one, just for fun
  9. Strange, I used to have a zen like affinity with weapons, grew up with them, always owned them, loved SAA, yet now I'm in my thirties I hate range days, (still get a DAMN fine grouping, mind you), and really am just a lot happier once I've done my declaration and got the * out of Dodge. Or Hythe... Yep, I'm sure it'll bring down some slating, but that's how I feel as a trained soldier, and someone who realises what they can do, so the idea of my SA80 in Mr Chav-Publics hand really does scare the fuc* out of me.
  10. Hmm, I'd have a firearm, I used to shoot for sport .22 rifle and also target pistol and I have to say, I wasnt half bad in my youth (National squad at one point) although bragging like that in this company might be a bad thing. :wink:

    I also think that personal freedoms are too restricted in the UK, only criminals have guns, since the ban gun crime has spiralled upwards. That said I'm not sure that home ownership of certain types of firearms is a good thing, why does anyone need an Uzi or AK47 at home? :roll:

    Gun clubs could be made safer and firearms could be stored there, after all would they be any less safe than in a TA armoury? This would allow the use of firearms for sport and might even remove the Kudos that they seem to have on the streets. You could remove the chances of a Dunblane as the firearms could only be removed for competions.

    On another point hasnt knife crime always been a bigger killer?
  11. Are you suggesting vigilante action? If so good idea; but why gimpy? Surely a mounted .50cal with a couple of gimpys for back-up could be used to remove all chavmobiles from the road in only a few days. All we need now is a toyota pick-up...
  12. Get yourself into the REME as an armourer then! Your enphusiasm is worrying though, alas you'll probably be dicked as a LSW gunner and you'll have all the weapon cleaning time you like.

    Deac A2 - you're hardly likely to find one of those hanging around as the TMH is a controlled item(I think) and there's probably units out there with the original incarnation.
  13. Bleep, I dare you to come to Bisley this weekend and tell all and sundry your thoughts on the matter.
    It's actually a shame this wasn't posted in the Naffi bar so I could call you a tosser!
  14. Maybe in your country. :D

    OK, responsible gun owners in America do exist. My father owns two, strictly for family protection (one upstairs, one downstairs), and he hasn't shot anyone. I don't think anyone else in the house knows where they are, except for his wife and me. It's a devolving spiral...if the person breaking into our house is armed for a full-artillery home invasion, then he wants to be prepared. If the situation was different, he wouldn't.

    That being said, we live in England and the Tankie wouldn't own one if he had the chance. What if it gets stolen during a break-in? Then the aforementioned Mr. Chav-Public has his shooter and no way to track it until it's been used. Then again, he doesn't "like civvies having cars, let alone guns."

    Also worth mentioning that all of the guns used in the Columbine massacre, I believe, were legally purchased at gun shows and retail outlets. Unlike guns stored at TA armories or gun clubs, nobody in the shops has to track their whereabouts or check them back in.