Would you believe your Mrs if this happened?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jagman, Jul 20, 2010.

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  1. Did this not happen some 2010 years ago as well? Allegedly!
  2. Gotta love those God-fearing West Africans. I bet it was nowhere near that restrained.

    Do black women's bruises show up as clearly as white?
  3. It's not that unusual.
    There is a rich Middle Eastern couple who live down the road from me. They're both dark and swarthy looking ,yet they have a lovely white, blonde haired daughter. She answers to the name of Madeline. A quiet girl, always seems to have a hopeless pleading look in her eyes. But you know what little girls are like, they probably won't buy her a pony.
  4. OK Own up, which of you ARRSErs is responsible?
  5. Either that or she's gagging for it.
  6. Sky News is blacklisted at work :confused: (the NHS obviously have something against Rupert Murdoch) so I can't see the story linked but remember when my (white) sister got married to her (black) husband, my mum went apeshit and one of the things she said was that in generations to come, somewhere along the line one of their descendents would have a baby of the opposite colour to the parents and then how would they explain that, hmmm? (imagine middle-aged woman, arms crossed, tapping foot).

    At the time and in the years since (this was back in 1971) I've thought she was talking out of her arrse, but perhaps not?
  7. She's obviously had her legs open too wide when he's been having his plunder...and they've let the light in.
  8. That's going to be a good one come Sports Day, isn't it?

    'Oh, what a lovely day for it. Which one's yours?'
    'That's ours there.'
    'What behind the little one that looks like Raoul Moat when he was a child but wearing pink?'
    ... Shameful silence...

    Home-schooling it is!
  9. Black parents of Nigerian origin, blonde, blue eyed baby. Not albino.
    No honky's in the woodpile apparently. Acredited to some form of unknown mutation (experts description, not mine)
  10. Simple really. White Missionaries used to be very busy converting the natives into face to face sex and had a lot of demo's to do.
  11. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    At last it's happening! Long ago when Cecil Rhodes was asked what he was going to to about the Africans he said "We'll fck them white."
  12. A spokesman for the Sidcup Hospital commented "Of course it is down to an amazing genetic mutation. It is ridiculous to suggest otherwise. Why the only other possible explanation would be if we had sent the wrong baby to the ward, resulting in a multi-million pound law suit which of course has not, repeat has not happened. Has it Sister Johnson?"

    Professor Richard Dawkins later stated "See, evolution - I told you so!"
  13. That baby looks like Boris Johnson; I bet the dirty bugger has been up there!

  14. What a load of b*ll*cks. Genetic mutation my arrse. ol' mammy precious was out for a bit of honky lovemuck after catching leroy smooth talking that skinny white suga in the flat downstairs!!
    It's just like white women having black babies and saying it must be a 'throw back'. Too many tequilas and a jamaican schlong more like!!