Would you be happy if your teenage daughter was marrying a squady?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Shittypants, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. Gentlemen

    My teenage daughter brought home her first boyfriend this week.

    I was polite but somewhat reserved with him but the bloody ex wife was very impressed by him. Her rationale was "at least he ain't in the Army"

    I am now wondering what your reaction would be if your daughter brought home a soldier.
  2. Better that, than a politician. Of course not having any houseapes my opinion might not count for much.
  3. How old is your daughter?
  4. I'd be extremely unhappy if my teenage daughter brought home a bill oddie. She's not supposed to know where I live.
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  5. I don't have a teenage daughter. But I'd be very disappointed if she were to marry anyone while she was still under twenty!
  6. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Would that be a Para squaddie or the other kind?
  7. Its a hypothetical squaddie
  8. Ah, I see. You mean an RAF Regt Gunner.
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  9. I was at a wedding recently, the groom a squaddie, the bride civpop, and when I tried to trap off with the sister of the bride, the bride quite bluntly pointed out that she did not want her sister to date a soldier...

    So I told her I didn't want a date, just a shag. And she still believes her husband is not like all the "other squaddies"!?
  10. Actually, wouldnt bother me!! if youve seen what my 16 yr old has dragged home over the past months, i would be glad to have a squaddie!! not some drug addled attitude layabout whose sole ambition is to sponge off the state for the next 50 years before OD'ing on bleach and toilet cleaner after costing the taxpaying millions in support of his titanic brood!! frickin social sponging laya - bloody-bouts!!
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    She's got a lot to learn!


    Anyway, my wife's dad was in 7th Armd Div in WW2 and fought through Africa, Normandy and on into Germany. After the problems he'd had with my wife's sisters civvy boyfriends he was dead chuffed to have a squaddie calling round to take middle daughter out. We had a good time on the piss together the night before the wedding as well. RIP Matt - we both miss you and yes, I'm still looking after your favourite girl!


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  12. Would you be happy if your teenage daughter was marrying a Squaddie?


    Any more stupid questions?
  13. No problem. My daughter in law did.
  14. Did he frequently scratch under his nose with his middle finger, savouring the long-sought after aroma of post-pubescent quim juice and look at you as he did it?

    Just asking like!
  15. Have got 3 brother-in-laws all ex squaddies plus my father and brother are ex squaddies. 4 are ex REME and one is ex RE christmas time is a fecking hoot. Being ex-RN I am able to cope with the smell and the crap they spout. The weddings were fun, the old man was an RSM for 2 of them and a Captain for the last one so everybody was on their best behaviour till he went home, then it was like somebody had pulled the pin out of a grenade.