would you be a house husband????

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by princess_combat, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. Yes I could stay home and watch TV

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  2. **** that I am a real man

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  1. "A lady wants a BMW, a big fridge and staff...so to hell with the running, ballacks to the keeping in shape, just get a job with oodles of cash and you can take your selection... "Re: Fat Birds in the Gym Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 10:10 am by Cuddles

    "Lots of truth on here.

    Cuddles, bang on mate, they loves the cash!!"Re: Fat Birds in the Gym Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 10:29 am Biscuits

    The above got me thinking.

    I have every intention of joining on or other of the forces depends on which will give me the best career. However my OH and I have discussed this and I expect him to follow me. If I ever can be bothered to propose...I turned him down 6 times and made him promise not to ask me again, so its up to me.

    Yes...I am a career girl I don't want a forces man don't want the whole you joined to find a man bollocks. Husband hunting is not my style. I don't want a man who disapppears off around the world. Don't want the pain of him going on ops. I am selfish. I do however, seem to be the exception to the rule. Currently I am a student/swimming pool life guard/swimming teacher/aerobics instructor so I earn my own money which is if you include my NHS grant means I am living on £15,000 plus. (posh student) so I like money.

    If I manage to complete my studies and gain entry, am prepared to support him, feed, shelter, keep him clothed. However if he is able to find journalist job in the location thats all good too. I don't want to turn him into him in doors but....

    So two questions

    1/ Could you give up your career to be a House Husband?

    2/ Is it your experience that woman are just after your wallet?
  2. 1 - probably not been used to working for far too long now to sit on my arrse watching soaps & eating chocs :!: :!: :!: :!:

    2 - what else are they after then :?: :?: :?: :?:

    as to your top comment looks like he will be having a lucky escape then :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
  3. You vomitous reptile...... I hope he finds another moose to chuck his mix up and gives her the ring instead.

    As for you earning your own money and including a student grant, don't make me trump a hole through my underpants........ and a life gaurd??? how does a hippo rescue anything?

    But in answer to your questions

    1, No
    2, No

    The question that you don't ask about : Do we think you are an up your own arrse soap dodger with high sights and an old tired rifle

    3, Yes, and a cnut to boot!
  4. I dont see how anyone, male or female, can use running a home as an excuse for not having a career, you've got to be pretty slack if you cant manage both. I combine a demanding career with running a large house, caring for my partially disabled ex wife (who still works but doesnt have enough go left for housework) and pursuing an active social life. The house and garden are immaculate, the cars are all washed (by me) the fridge is well stocked and the laundry is all up to date. There is a downside of course, I have to run around like a blue-arsed fly for nineteen hours a day! On the positive side, theres less lard on me than a vegans pinny, and I dont have to watch what passes for entertainment on the box.
    Things might be different if I had kids, but only slightly, as I'd pack them off to boarding school and send them to my parents between terms. Sorted!

    Edited to add:-

    Buggerit, I'm the only one to post a boring, sensible answer. I'm (almost) as big a cnut as she is!
  5. I hope your other half cuts your womb out with a rusty knife then wears it as a hat. Don’t worry he will be soon gone after you join up and the REME fitter section take turns in kicking your prolapsed back doors in.
  6. You should consider joining as a bandy; you're good at blowing your own trumpet.
  8. I'm not sure who I feel more antipathy towards; the fellah in this relationship who is too weak to tell you to do one, or you, p_c. Egocentric. Sociopathic, delusional, selfish, overbearing, exploitative, smug, shallow, .... I'm going to run short of "nice" words soon.
  9. Sandmanfez, what an exceptional and capable person you are. Would we were all so wonderfully diligent.

    However, most of us suffer from a deplorable desire to take a breath every so often and enjoy everything we have worked for, which for our sins, occasionally includes 5 minutes peace.

    Also, there's nothing remotely wrong with either sex keeping the house and personal admin in order, and/or making sure the offspring have enough care and attention that they don't end up as psychopaths or with other social dysfunctions. I can say this, as I'm a hideously over-qualified professional who has worked arrse off for a decade, and can't wait for the next and more interesting challenge the afore mentioned involves.

    It's a toughfy princess_combat. If you're chap is willing and able to keep a home, then I say go to it, you're extremely fortunate.
  10. Kids make all the diffrence short of earning enough to employ a nanny or have fit parents conviently close by .And if their they are fit
    most dont want to be unpaid child care all the time .One of you ends up working less .I loathed my job ,wife liked hers .When our childcare arrangements collapsed unexpectantly one of had to stay home .Its not great and its not through choice .I would think it odd for any bloke to make it a career choice .
  11. Princess_Combat - You don't want 'your man' to join the forces but it's ok for you to do it?

    Tell me, how exactly does a fatty teach aerobics? It wouldn't instill much confidence in the regime being able to help you lose weight would it?

    He's proposed 6 times, and now it's all on your terms? Fella, if you happen to read this: Fcuking run mate, but make sure you chin her first.
  12. Such a welcome change to the run-of-the-mill: "Wimmin iz fer" and "Geezas iz fer". Indeed, a breath of fresh air into this antiquated (and ultimately comfortable?) view of the roles of "wimmin" and "geezas". Top post!

  13. Princess Conceited, its very rare that I give thought to the site when away from it, however en route to an appointment half an hour ago I found myself getting aggitated at the wheel thinking about your deluded boyfriend.

    I think he is a figment of your tubby bird imagination along with your mad eup tale about being a life gaurd, where in reality if you even go near the waters edge, thirty green peace blokes appear to squirt you with water to try and roll you back in.

    I actually found myself talking a large intake of breath and yelling 'cnut' at the top of my voice whilst visioning myself in a pair of ice skates jumping up and down on your big saggy jowells.
  14. What rule are you an exception too?
  15. Thanks LB, that definitely deserved a :roll: smiley!

    I wasnt after praise, I was just making the point that its not necessary for either partner to give up work in order to run the house. In this day and age, there are so many labour saving aids and facilities that the role of housewife/husband seems more than a little self indulgent, financially untenable and psychologically unhealthy.
    In my SOI, everyone works, even those couples with children. Admittedly, quite a few employ an au pair, but rather than the kids suffering as a result of parental neglect, they seem to thrive on the extra holidays, piano/riding/ballet lessons etc, that a second salary makes possible.

    Of course, some people enjoy sitting on their enormous ar$es, enduring the gradual but inevitable degradation of their mental faculties, whilst shovelling cakes and cookies into their slack-jawed grids.
    But who am I to judge?