Would you admit to this as your hometown?

Yes, they should fucking warn you about that at Newfoundland Park. There I was, moved by the sacrifice and tragedy of Newfoundland's youth, when my eyes fell upon a list of Newfoundland communities which had lost their menfolk on the Somme... and burst out laughing...

By the looks on the faces of the assembled Canadians there present, I might as well have wiped my arse on the Canadian flag.
I once nearly decided to travel to the Shetlands to have my photie taken standing beside the roadside to Twatt. But I fell in with bad company at Wick and spent a 3 day pish up in a couple of the town bars many, many, many moons ago when I were a young lad of just 38 summers.

We could always deport all our illegal squatters and ne'er do-wells to the township of Dildoe, they probably need a few incomers to make life a bit more interesting.
Surely Dildo should be twinned with Twatt in Scotland !
You think it might be twinned with Wank in Bavaria?
My mother (god bless her) was always reading signposts when taken out in the car. Thank goodness for the indirect road to Lerwick via Scalloway from the south of the island, it bypasses the sign for Twatt!

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