Would you Adam and Eve it?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Dec 23, 2008.

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  1. A quarter of science teachers would teach creationism.

    If ever there was a story in the Grauniad which proves that the United Kingdom is going, or has gone, to hell in a handcart, this one is a contender. Once upon a time British schooling, together with our Police, the Armed Forces, Her Maj (God Bless Her) our technology, science and parliamentary system of Government was the Best In The World.

    I sometimes feel like I live in Soweto now. The witchdoctors are in charge, and the teachers are their acolytes.
  2. I thought that was what RE was supposed to do?
  3. Not in the Sapper WE don't!!
  4. Sorry, I should have added that our ability to make obeisances to pixies was fairly top-notch at one time, too; Bishop of Bath and Wells etc. They beat the opposition (Middle Eastern types with beards, mostly) to a pulp with all the Onward Christian Soldiers stuff and the odd Crusade. Just look at the pillocks wearing cassocks now. Hand-wringing losers to a man.
  5. Earlier this year I attended a lecture by Oxford historian David Nash. He claimed the majority of his arriving students believe there are no such things as 'truth' and 'fact'. He blamed it on taking (cultural) relativism too far. The students are apparently too keen to accept all sorts of theories because they believe there's no way of telling which one is true....

    He added that many people still believe evolution is 'just another theory'. Thus degrading it to merely a mental excercise.

    Creationists occasionally try to creep their beliefs back into the class rooms under the veiled name 'Intelligent Design'.
  6. Well, there you are. From the date and time when Blair, Mandelson and Campbell stoked up their New Labour Project spark and built it into the fire that was the most mendacious piece of snake-oilery to be inflicted upon the British people since the South Sea Bubble, nobody's been sure of the truth or where to find it. Quantum physics has nothing on that shit, man.
  7. Do Science teachers have an input in regards the RE curriculum? If they want to teach creationism,keep it in the RE classroom.

    If wonder if Arrse user Crabby can share any light?