Would you accept a Peerage from this Government?

Would you accept a peerage from this Government?

  • No.Mr/Mrs Plod might feel my collar

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  • Not likely-I do not want to be tainted

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  • Yes with/without a donation

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I can think of better ways to spend a few million.......
I can't afford one, even on two wages.
I'd rather not have to keep looking over my shoulder awaiting the plods to landing on my doorstep.
When i meet my maker i want to be as blameless as possible, now i know i've done some dodgy things but , anything to do with B.Liar et al would just get me a seat nearer the fire than is comfortable and one of Beelezebubs minions prodding me on an hourly basis
I'd like to think that a peerage would put me further out of reach than the average taxpayer - count me in

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