Would we fight over Gibraltar?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Strait_Jacket, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. Had a few too many this afternoon and got thinking...

    If the Spanish walked into Gib' and annexed it tomorrow would we do anything?

    If so, what? Other than filming an up to date series of Sharpe.
  2. We wouldn't dare say or do anything. It's against EU Rules. :roll:
  3. Why would we want to? Its an overcrowded shithole full of people who are British when it suits them and EU citizens when it doesn't. they only vote to stay a colony because it is financially suitable for them to remain so.

    The moment the EU offered them a big sack of cash they would be Spanish quicker than you could say Viva Madrid.
  4. It's a place I've not been Heed but my impression was they were as British as it gets, maybe wrong on that score then...But what about the insult of the Spanish giving us the finger?

    That's got to be worth a slap or two.
  5. Surely a unified "fcuk the EU!" in this case?
  6. errrr.......you lot want us to join you again when it kicks off? :wink:
  7. Always welcome. Though I wont be counting on your neighbours.
  8. I think the majority of Squaddies wouldnt mind a change of scenary away from the hot deserts that this government keeps sending us to. Not been there yet but the sea and climate looks quite inviting and I believe there isnt an alcohol ban like in the Gulf. Just packing my trunks and towel.
  9. Question "Would we fight over Gibraltar?"

    Answer "Does the Union Flag flutter above it?"
  10. When I was there, the locals absolutely refused to speak Spanish to me... For instance, I would hear waiters speaking Spanish amongst themselves, but when I tried to order food or beer, they would answer all of my Spanish in English. Now, my Spanish is pretty sh!te, but wasn't that bad. From chatting to locals, I got the impression that they were pretty true-blue.

    If an Spaniard ever gives you sh!t about Gibraltar simply say these names to them Ceuta or Melilla . At least our enclave is on our continent! :D
  11. Well, last time I was there a litre of Bombay Sapphire only cost ca. £5!
  12. That's great, we'll send the WI, job done.
  13. Also "Basque / Catalan / Gallician Homeland" That should do it :D
    Gibraltarians who I know reasonably well doubt that the EU will still exist in 25 years time. They seem to think that there are so many disparate ethnic groups all demanding their own national state that it is only a matter of time before the EU breaks up.
  14. A British infantry battalion could hold Gibraltar. There is not enough real estate for more than a Spanish Bde to manouvre in an attack. Their casualties would run into thousands. What would we run out of first, ammunition or targets?

    Those of you that have not been there have a look at it on Google earth.
  15. Do we have a battalion spare ? I don't think so!!