Would this work in the U.K?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by filthyphil, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. I'd have thought there'd be such lines in the sand in place anyway. And when the social welfare safety net successfully rescues those who 'fall through the cracks', you'd reckon they'd put less effort into being an antisocial blight on civil society.

    It'd be worth making the point for your UK readers that the public housing proportions are: UK 14%; Australia 4.2%.

    Poses a bit of a conundrum though. If they're booted out of Housing Commish digs, they're then sleeping in parks and under bridges. When the credo of the constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia is that we will not have our citizens dying of neglect, what to do with those who are committed to a cuntish, self-absorbed existence?
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  2. Probably go private with a swag of rental assistance.
  3. But if they've been booted out of housing commission then there's a fair chance they'd have a hard time getting a private rental. Especially if it's through a real estate.

    There was talk of "social housing" made from shipping containers being built and used for dead shits.

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  4. In the UK they do indeed get shunted into private housing usually very shitty though where they proceed to maintain the standard.
  5. Already have it with some LHA's and councils missus stays on a street which is a mix of private and social housing and had an issue last May with someone in a council house they were put on a 6month bender and told if they fucked up they were out. They also have black lists of people they won't give property to as they are anti social parasites. Some social housing groups have more robust measures than others when dealing with scum. But if evicted its the councils responsbilty to get them emergency accom which will eventually mean a private let and so the cycle continues. Personally if they **** up the should be dumped on the street if they have kids then fire them into care and let them live in a cave or do what the Dutch are planning and create "scum" villages Amsterdam to create 'scum villages' - Telegraph
  6. A wonderful schere we had here for a while was that, when the behaviour of tenants was so atrocious that not even fellow-residents of some shithole housing estate would tolerate it, the Council leased houses in what had been good areas with a decent community, and housed these ratbags there. The official reason was so they would improve themselves by being set a good example, though I suspected it was more because others on their estates were going to burn them out in any event.

    Needless to say, all this achieved was to disrupt and make hideous the lives of their new neighbours.
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  7. I suppose we could put the dead shits in the containers then drop them off the coast of Straddie. They'd make a nice artificial reef and food for marine life. At least the drug addled thieves would be doing at least something constructive with their miserable lives.
  8. Quite simple, transport them to Aus..............................Oh! errrrm!
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  9. Not a chance human rights and a that crap
  10. Often the real scum get "persuaded" to leave like my neighbour did a midnight flit they werent missed.
    The "doors" who thought they ran the estate were eventually evicted, killed in a car crash the poor soljder,murdered locked up for murder :)
    No real loss to humanity.
  11. I did an Op Trustee at Heathrow many years ago and noticed on a perimeter patrol a small housing estate that was under the flight path. At that distance they would have been able to read what make the aircraft's tyres were as it thundered overhead. Local Plod informed us that it was where the local council housed 'problem families'. It must have been akin to living on the deck of a feckin aircraft carrier.
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  12. Shoreham appears to be brightons gulag archipelago where every problem gets dumped.
    Hopefully its a euphemism for a policy of enuthasia :) nobody ever misses them anyway:)
  13. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

  14. 3 strikes and your out...

    'here is your new home, you will be in here for 93 days.


    You will be visited thrice daily to ensure your 'pod' is immaculate, and the surrounding area correctly sanitised.

    Each time you fail an inspection a day will be added to your occupation.


    Must be plenty of shitty areas to put the 'Iso pods' on. And it would be short term. Give it 6 months and a few documentaries aired during work time and those who would end up in such facilities will get teh idea.