Would this work in Britain? Shared public housing.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by filthyphil, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. If that was to be forced on people over here there would be protest and riot! There would be calls to send back home all immigrants! Empty places all over the country would get squatters! And can you just imagine, pikeys having to take in homeless people?

    If I was going to HAVE to take somebody in, then I should be able to choose her for myself.
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  2. And there is a lot to be said in favour of that!
  3. Mixing these creatures in society with cheap alcohol makes me wish to be able to declare them pauper lunatics.
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  4. And I just see the queen or Cams for that matter taking in the homeless in Buck House or No10, both being homes owned and maintained by the tax payer?
    Or will it simply be bash the poor?
  5. And I have a prime candidate for you.
  6. alternatively all the under occupiers of council houses should be encouraged to move to more suitable properties for their current household size by being charged market rents ...
  7. I'll need a lot of people to back me with cash for the new politically correct 'peace havens'
  8. This was on the radio this morning. I can only imagine shitty housing commission houses with 2 or 3 bogan families living in them. There wouldn't be enough space on each block for all the old car bodies.
  9. Instead of awarding ASBOs the state could simply issue anti social families a filthy stinking lodger or two, thus reducing the cost of bail hostels, MENCAP mongparking facilities and council kiddy fiddler housing.
  10. I would share if I could with a slut
  11. If they're fit Asian Birds, yeah I'll house share "for the greater good" you understand.
  12. That's no way to talk about the Minister of Defence.
  13. The 21st Century isn't supposed to be like this. I thought I'd be living in a space station by now with some fit lasses with purple hair. The lying cnuts.
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