Would this prevent me from joining?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Squiggers, Jan 2, 2011.

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  1. A few years back I was diagnosed with auditory processing disorder, effectively a form of dyslexia. I haven't had any problems academically, socially, or at work as a result of the diagnosis. Would this prevent me from enlisting full stop? I'd prefer to know before I apply..

  2. I think the fact that you've been a member on here since 2008 and have only just asked that question is an indication of your lack of commitment, full stop
  3. I haven't joined up due to my aim being to go to university in september before the fees go up, and before I join the army. Being at 6th form kinda prevented me from joining.. So no, I don't believe lack commitment.
  4. It's not on the list of medical problems on the application form, so I'd ask your AFCO but I'd assume you'll be OK.
  5. You could have went for a Sixth Form Scholarship ;)
  6. With any luck it's a 16yr old girl who has photo's to prove it!:)
  7. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    I presume that you didn't. Shouldn't that read "You could have gone for a sixth form scholarship"
  8. Welbeck DSFC?

    Army Foundation College (Like I did)?

  9. The top two are good for sod all for a non-technical officer candidate, and who said he didn't join ACF? Give the guy a break! This is the civil forum!
  10. @fezzick - thanks, I will do when I go in on wednesday.

    @empty_vaccumn - I wasn't planning on joining til my second year, so I missed out. Plus the parents weren't mad keen at the idea of me in the army.

    @llech - your lucks out mate, I'm a hairy 19 year male.

    @chocolate_frog - I would have loved to go to wellbeck, but wasn't aware of it til I'd already got into 6th form. The AFC, again, the same, and I was under the impression it was more for engineering arms? Didn't joing the army or air cadets as the units here were full of people I couldn't stand - wouldn't bother me now, but at 16.. Plus I was working with 2 scout units up til september.
  11. Your reason for not joining the ATC/ACF is weak.
  12. 1) At 17, there was little point in joining - according to those already within the ATC, due to the training/probation period - or something like that.

    2) I wanted to avoid the morons who were in the units at 16-17. Now, at 19 I couldn't give a toss.

    3) I was a young leader in 2 large, active scout units, which allowed many of the same activities, such as gliding and kayaking. Scouting is listed as one of the uniformed organisations on the application form in fact.

    How are those weak points?
  13. Don't bite... Wind ups are still attempted in this forum! The ACA probably won't have much info on the detailed medical side, especially for something which isn't 'mainstream'. However, doesn't hurt to ask them.

    Assuming you yet through the ACA interview stage, you have to declare all previous medical history on the RG8 form. The medical staff at Westbury then decide. Give it a go and good luck.
  14. At the risk of actually answering the question: no dyslexia will not prevent you from joining as an officer. I know a handful of officers with dyslexia, none (as far as I know) were questioned unduly about it at RCB (as it was in those days). The army is really only interested in how you perform, not how your brain gets you to the solution. Clearly things may have changed, I should speak to someone in the ETS for lone and verse, but the quick and dirty answer is that as long as you can pass the AOSB you should be fine.

    Oh and dyslexia is not a medical condition so there should be no reason to mention it on the RG8 medical questionnaire (unless it specifically asks, which I would be very surprised if it did).
  15. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    The purpose of this forum is to provide potential officers with information and guidance, when possible, and not as a bully pulpit for you to air your chippy prejudices.

    So poke off.